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Mike Gonzalez April 7, 2013 50

Please support our Kickstarter campaign: Video Update: 7-24-12, Neil DeGrasse Tyson speaks about Ambition. “Fight for Space” is a feature length documentary film that explores the current state and future of the US space program. We are asking for your support to fund this film to it’s completion so we can help to make space exploration a top priority for the United States. Our Website: Facebook Page July 20th 2012 – 43 years ago Apollo 11 touched down on the surface of the Moon. Today, we have no plans to go back to the moon. Any manned to mission to mars has been postponed until the late 2030s. This is not the mark of a nation with great ambitions. Today, we must Fight For Space. ————————- Since the Apollo era of the 1960s, NASA’s budget has been shrinking and our ambitions in space have been decreasing. We are producing a documentary that will examine the reasons why our space program is not all it can be. We are also going to show that space IS worth the time, money, and energy that it needs, not for only exploration and scientific reasons but for economic, planetary security, and cultural reasons as well. Many problems have occurred in just the past 10 years that have lead to the consistent underfunding of NASA, the cancellation of multiple space programs, and the decline of America’s role in space. We have taken the first step and made an initial investment out of our own
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  • Edward Ge

    If a business executive came up to me and asked for a few billon dollars to send a colony to the moon, I say “Take three trillon”

  • mary clary

    I believe that God created the universe for man to discover new wonders of His creations no matter how difficult it is. For we can do all things with Christ who strengthen us. So, it is never a reason for man to stop the space exploration.

  • lhoxung

    Killing space program is like killing their own future.

  • serbanmike

    I know my dear, the truth hurts.
    I would suggest you to open your eyes and look around you.
    And open your mind (eyes) and think deeply about it.
    And yes, never bother to answer, since I will ignore it and you completely.

  • SpazzK

    just… just stop.

  • wixard200

    If I was president of the world, we would have moon, mars and titan colonies in the first 20 years. 5% of humanitys wealth would be spent on science and space, on exploring space and uniting us. The world and humanity would truly prosper. I would unite humanity. We would do great things in the name of good, not greed, lust of power or ignorance. Will anyone like me be the president of the world? Unlikely. And that makes me sad.

  • wixard200

    Oh no the candidates… they disappoint me.. I had no idea..

  • micromacrometa


    jokes bud.

  • serbanmike

    NASA ? A bunch of deceivers we paid to answer with lies when asked questions.
    I am happy they went away with that cabin strapped to a bomb they called the “state of the art” in space technology for so many years.

  • Jerome Ross

    Great video!

  • otis martin

    awesome documentary.

  • jrzy49

    Listen to Bill Nye!!!

  • Swan22097

    What this video is saying is that politicians don’t really know what they’re saying when they talk about space. Obama has the best idea out of all of them right now, but the only problem is that his idea strays out of his term as president. Which means, in 2030 or whenever we land on Mars, he won’t get credit for the plan or the plan will be cancelled by another president before we even get there. That’s what they explained in the video.

  • James Brown

    i love this.

  • jamesracek88

    you read my mind. i think we are way further along than that im not a conspiriast theorist nor can i spell it but i do know a lot of technology is held back from the public and IF we can bring someone through earths atmosphere mars’ should be no problem. and as for the long flights affect on the people i think they will get their muscle mass back on mars even though there is not as much gravity but getting there landing and coming back should be no problem we skydive from space these days lol

  • shpazshpaz

    its not yet finished, it will be around late 2013

  • shpazshpaz

    The director said the movie may be available around December 2013

  • Daggoth65

    Wish i saw this much sooner

  • ghostkilla346

    how do you fight for space..only the american government i swear.

  • agnosticChurchworker

    I am eagerly awaiting my chance to see your film. Is there any general idea of when it will either be available for purchase or viewing?

    Stay excellent!

  • kokofan50

    It’s not finish yet.

  • ailurophile22

    What’s the song at the beginning?

  • schinkdiesel

    NASA needs a kickstarter!

  • TheBig1dea

    If I had business executive come to me and ask to spend a few hundred billion dollars to bail out his bank, i’d put him in prison.

  • edawg792

    Some fundie bullcrap.

  • RobMonty248

    Kickstarter makes people post on public forums… This can get inventors barred from getting thier patent and also, lets people steal the patent as its not protected if publically annouced… BEWARE, Get an attorney and study LONG before you use any INVENT help, 99.9% of them are 100% scams….

  • TheRetardedWhaleMan

    Man what is up with this game! How long has it been in development?

  • imabossdallas123

    im sorry but this game looks like shit i mean sure one week its some what good but i believe what u put in in the first couple of weeks is what starts a good series of good things

  • Rogerdacosta001

    Wonderful concept and imagination. I wish you all…no…wishing involves a “what if” mentality. I can’t wait to play this game!


  • Cave Johnson

    How much work is being done on the iOS version? Is it going to be like a stripped-down version of the PC version?

  • xxxxxHavocxxxxx

    the music is gay

  • kunal goyal

    They don’t need money to make a game. Its not like Treyarch and Activision etc. spend millions on they’re games.
    Who needs money to make games
    They need…holy shit…10-70k…Leeches. All that money, just on a game!
    Sarcasm not intended

  • RareVDO

    They are using UNREAL engine. Which is FREE BTW. So I don’t see why they are asking money for this.

  • KrayzieBone222

    I’ve seen Moders make an entire game for free? but these guys need 25k for 3 levels. Just say you need money to buy a License to use the Unreal Engine! Cause that seems to be the only real thing you need cash for.

    anyway sounds a little fishy to me!

  • zawette

    Toucharce(dot) com made a thread about ure game , i want to ask something ,
    is the iphone version like the pc version or just a mini game

  • KrayzieBone222

    I’ve seen Moders make an entire game for free? but these guys need 25k for 3 levels. Just say you need money to buy a License to use the Unreal Engine! Cause that seems to bethe only real thing you need cash for.

    anyway sounds a little fishy to me!

  • KrayzieBone222

    I’ve seen Moders make an entire game for free? but these guys need 25k for 3 levels. what game engine will this “crab game” be using i wonder?

    anyway sounds a little fishy to me!

  • KrayzieBone222

    I’ve seen Moders make entire games for free? but these guys need 25k for 3 levels. what game engine will this “crab game” be using i wonder?

  • KrayzieBone222

    I’ve seen Moders make entire games for free? but these guys need 25k for 3 levels. what game engine will this crab game be using i wonder.

  • basseAEG

    Next gen my ass, this is barely current gen graphics.

    Still looking good though.

  • WhitePlayer3D

    This is too for iphone? 🙂 Please

  • rbrtchng

    wait let me guess. you flip the crabs over and attack its weak side for massive damage?

  • Shawn Chong

    YUP. I don’t think arguing with the public is going to bolster your reputation any.

  • Robert Headley

    As a sometime indie game developer myself I can speak from experience. I believe what Playground state is looking for is living expenses while Barry and his brother Brad work on the game. In return, everyone gets a game.

    Games tend to cost millions of dollars because they tend to involve hundreds of developers licensing lots of technology and spending millions on publicity and marketing.

    $25k is definitely enough for living expenses for Barry and Brad.

  • tokotokotoko3

    “You know nothing of our intent.” Wouldn’t that mean that you failed to convey it? Either way, like I said: just pointing out my views, no need to take it seriously. I’m sure you’re busy anyways.
    I also feel no need to be “spacific” – and to impress with some kind of authority. Either my points work as logical arguments, or they don’t: in which case I failed.

  • PlayGroundState

    Continuing my other post:
    I have assessed and re-assessed the workloads for our plot many times, and as stated in this video, its being developed in Bite Sized Chunks. We are not biting off more than we can chew. you are broad and general in your descriptions and doing nothing more than assuming what our development scope is. You know nothing of our intent. If you say one more word about money and scope, i want to see break downs and specifics, no more sweeping generalizations

  • PlayGroundState

    Lets be spacific here, since we have the ability to do so.
    my first paid job in the industry was in 1998 doing art for playstation 2 / PC games and have almost exclusively worked with UE games since that day, professionally employed the entire time, I also ran my own art studio and have since been again freelancing in the industry.
    I have no problem creating asset lists, budgets and workloads and delegating it to the people working with me.

  • tokotokotoko3

    I didn’t miss your point: I actually mentioned the cut in assets. But I think you ignored mine: it won’t create the 1000-fold cut in work you need. If you say 3 levels instead of 40 then that’s only about 15 times less… and leaves unaddressed the gameplay and tech part of the workload. It just doesn’t add up.
    I don’t loose either way – I’m just as happy if you prove me wrong. I just felt like pointing out my view, which is also based on more than 10 years in the industry.

  • PlayGroundState

    You don’t see the point that our scope is very small, Spiral islands is going to be 1 to 3 levels, depending on how much funding there is, if we get the 70k, then its 3 levels, not 40 levels like a full production game, the fact is, of 5 character assets for this, 1 is complete and 2 are half way done, and that is at this point, a large percentage of our environmental assets are complete, the rest is story and expansion at this point. Question, Are you in the industry? I have been for 10 years.

  • tokotokotoko3

    You ask 1/1000th of a budget of those titles. And you promise the same or even (beyond $10k) more than most of those have: Story+Single+Coop+Deathmatch+More Modes.
    Since you’re also promising the same art quality that means the only thing to scale is amount of Story/Assets. But think about whether that is 1/1000th… or maybe in reality more like 1/2 the work.

    For a week its impressive looking, respect! But the work needed will scale exponentially, not linear.

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