Ducky Boys – Kickstarter Pitch – State Line Records

Mike Gonzalez March 23, 2013 3

Ducky Boys - Kickstarter Pitch - State Line Records

The Ducky Boys are ready to make a new album! We’re working on 14 songs full of the energy and honesty that you’ve come to expect from a Ducky Boys’ record. We expect the album to be released in February or March 2013, details to follow. Our plan is to enter Mad Oak Recording Studios in Allston, MA for the weekend of August 18, 2012 and then finish tracking the album in September. Benny Grotto, who worked on both Chasing the Ghost and the Chemicals EP, will be behind the board for both these sessions and the mix. We then plan to master the album with Peerless Mastering (who mastered Three Chords and the Truth as well as many recordings by bands like The Unseen, Blood for Blood and Dropkick Murphys). Between Mad Oak and Peerless, this thing will sound big and jump out of your speakers. This new album will be released on our own STATE LINE RECORDS, which we launched last year. We’ve already got two Ducky Boys releases under our belts this year along with releases from Bryan McPherson, Mark Lind & the Unloved, and Ebenezer Blood. We’ve got a full EB launch, Sinners & Saints, Blood for Blood, the Eleventh Hour and more in the queue! While we’ve got confidence in all of these projects to recoup their costs, we don’t want the band or the label’s output to be dictated by the cost of releasing music. We’re doing things differently as a label – running it as a non-profit, paying the artists what they deserve for their work, and trying some different strategies
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  • sloshvictim

    Awesome, underrated punk legends!!! Can’t wait to hear me some new Ducky Boys!!!!!!

  • Lawrence Malewit

    Very cool

  • John Lyon


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