Dreary to Delightful: Color the World of New Game ESSENCE on Kickstarter

Tiffany Reyes September 24, 2015 Comments Off on Dreary to Delightful: Color the World of New Game ESSENCE on Kickstarter
Dreary to Delightful: Color the World of New Game ESSENCE on Kickstarter

UPDATED: 09/23/15

September 17, 2015— Imagine a world without color. Imagine how your every move and decision can restore that surreal, dead world to life. This is what the newest game to launch at Kickstarter, ESSENCE, aims to bring to video game aficionados.

Created and developed by ONEVISION Games, ESSENCE is a surreal exploration game set in a world that revives and evolves along with the gameplay, becoming more and more colorful as players progress. It debuts on Kickstarter to raise €60,000 until October 14 in order to complete the game and make it available in Mac, Windows, Linux, Xbox One, and PS4.

One of the game creators and developers of ESSENCE from the Berlin, Germany based game startup, Tim Bachmann, explains how the game starts, “n the beginning of reimagining the worlds, they first appear black and white. Just enough to actually understand where you are and what you do. The world is abstract and seems lost and surreal. Interacting with objects in that phase is mainly impossible and you experience the worlds in a very unique and devastating way.” He explains that the world in which players move in is very interactive and is alive itself, continuously changing and reacting to the players’ every move.

Players progress through the game by finding the essence of the world buried deep inside itself. From being abstract, the world will begin to take shape and players can interact with various items and parts in that world so that they can explore them once more. As players discover new areas and solve various riddles, the world then slowly regains its colors.

ESSENCE has five core worlds that are interconnected. Bachmann adds, “The world of ESSENCE contains more than 20 different separate sub worlds. Each one of them with a specific theme and specific unique mysteries and landscapes. It is your task to figure out how these belong together and to figure out the secret that lies beneath the world of ESSENCE.”

Players will also be able to unlock various aspects of the game and their characters, which can be achieved at different points of the game or by mastering a dangerous challenge, solving a riddle, collecting specific items or artifacts, or uncovering and confronting their characters’ emotions.

Through the crowdfunding campaign, the team at ONEVISION hopes to complete ESSENCE and bring it to all adventure and puzzle gamers not only in Europe but the whole world. While they aim to raise €60,000, they also have stretch goals that will allow them to unlock more worlds and subworlds, as well as make the game available in Xbox One and PS4.
In return for the backers’ support, ONEVISION will be giving rewards according to the backers’ chosen tier levels.

Rewards include personal ‘Thank You’ emails, wallpapers, backers’ name on a monument in a secret level, a copy of ESSENCE via Steam, digital soundtrack, digital fragments of the story, digital special ESSENCE edition with “The Secret Vault” via Steam, post cards and ‘Thank You” letters, book copies on the making of ESSENCE, character likeness in the game as a spirit, and a dark interactive memory mini games about and for higher level backers. Highest tiers include Collector’s Edition Box of the game, special signed poster, and so many more.

To find out more, visit ONEVISION Games.

ONEVISION Games in a new Indie game development company from Berlin/Germany.

Email: onevisiongames@hotmail.com

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