Double Adventure! / / No Kickstarter Video [OFFICIAL]

Mike Gonzalez March 13, 2013 21

Double Adventure! / / No Kick-Video [OFFICIAL]

For more information on how to support this project, click here! This year, the video game industry veteran Tim Schafer (Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, Brütal Legend, et al) use the power of Kickstarter to fund the production of a show and Click brand new graphic adventure game based on the same title, which made him famous. With crowdsourcing, the production costs are Tim and his team at Double Fine Studios publishers skeptics who do not receive the kind with a ten foot pole and go directly to his fans instead of avoid. To date, the game has raised nearly $ 00,000 to more than 57,000 fans. Since there are no marks to protect, Schafer is to be the development of the game in the public eye and invites 2 Player Productions, each step of the process to document for the better or for the worse. Each donor, at least this initiative a free copy of the game and exclusive access to documentary episodes contributes all year get over. For more information about these and other reward levels Backer, please visit
Video Rating: 4/5

  • judgese7s

    This is an announcement very creative 🙂

  • MerkinMuffly

    Walking Dead, I would say that the adventure again. In a big way

  • iradowgames

    Brutal Legend 2

  • Estevão Campos

    Fucking hate point and click adventure, what with the feeling Ocarina of Time

  • TheSimmus

    If I miss out on the website Kickstarter, DFA can I buy online somewhere? On steam maybe?

  • martiallaw201

    Psychonauts go to the toilet only after Napoleon’s level. Just so you know, Tim.

  • Niall McCloskey

    A chance for a release of steam Grim Fandango I love this game!

  • Lieutenant Mustache

    LucasArts owns the rights to Grim Fandango after it, when he worked

  • TKCoggins

    I like to point and click and all, but seriously need a Psychonauts sequel.

  • Un1234l

    If the final game is as charming as this video, it would be a great success. I am for you and your team the thumbs up.

  • emailme23

    02:15 on the page, such as Machinarium robot

  • latpasko

    $ 3,336,371 is as yet to make it better, a good game!

  • fjrsm

    Best video ever kick.

  • MarkP0rter

    “Adventure games exist in our dreams, our memories, Germany” – makes me proud to be German, and surprisingly, it’s true. For some reason, Germans love adventure games and there is always a market for Adventures in Germany.

  • Ainotar1

    I would actually pay 500dollars for Psychonauts 2! This game is the best game ever made in my opinion! Psychonauts 2 Kickstarter please

  • skysamfreeman

    Amen! Grim Fandango is my favorite game of all time!

  • EssThree

    I like the huge glass Tim DAussi okay.

  • Sebastian Regen

    If you are interested in indie games, check my channel. I’m in a game for the moment about 1 year and a half.

  • Joao Gabriel

    Why should I?

  • videogames5196

    Fuck off

  • labrynianrebel

    I’ll wait until we. Somewhat larger then exactly what to get the genre I like point and click adventure games, but I did not know how all of them. So I’ll be very careful with my money. Sorry, I’m a student, I arm-_-:

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