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Mike Gonzalez March 3, 2013 27

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  • Mike Beardmore

    I felt the key point was “no * idea * but * that *.” The challenge for the DT build in the minds of decision makers who have to be creative, but often a severe left brain. Creating a merger effective thinking * do * and * thought * design is a real need and opportunity in this globalized world. Production personnel with real horizon perhaps 2012 will be the year of 2T ^ D.

  • Alan Greenspan

    I love God! The best design thinkers of all! Think intelligent design … I learn from the best! Beat the rest! Stay in a state of constant awareness of design thinking … and the balance of the world .. quantumly … No, I do not throw words do not exist. The amount of time that you read this light, between the screen and your face world has traveled at least 100,000 times. But what does it mean for money? Your thoughts, breathing, words .. Live. Design thinking!

  • DesignThinkingMovie

    You have a good point there. Some respondents may not know “design thinking” is as textbooks, and we do not intend to spoon feed with our definition of DT. The fact is that most of these people surveyed are either in the design industry or use design thinking in their daily practice, and for us the way some people are unconsciously design thinkers is an interesting topic. We are still in the process of recording and suggestions are welcome.

  • woonam

    I play 3 different occasions GW2. When to feel the game like WoW. Noting that GW2 is just another MMO fighting game / quests at close quarters, as with most MMOs.

  • notalkingplz

    played the game? played my ass. If you have played the game, then you know that this is nothing like WoW

  • William Yang

    hey layneur a whore psychiqueinvaincu won an Oscar for best documentary today

  • Keromaku

    I’m very happy for GW2, because it makes a lot of new things and trying to be innovative. I just want to experience only. I raid in WoW and while it’s fun and well polished is a game, I’m sick, I do not like grinding, and if you do not have time for useless bosses down fast, that’s the point, to be the best equipment ? I think I played my hungry and want something new and different gameplay, etc.

  • Joana Guedes

    where for Star Wars posters go o do?

  • PizzacookieGamerN

    Yes, it keeps me away!

  • Darklogix

    Only to some confusion Guild Wars 2 is not free to play, it is a pay to play the game, buy the game and play to play. Everything will be recorded, but rumors have it that are the elements of the cash shop is vanity, so you can not really buy electricity. I do not have a problem with the cash shop, because they give money to hold and maintain servers running. IMHO I think the base model Subscription disappear gradually as LoL games sales do some nice skins and sex.

  • Mad77max77

    60bucks I would rather pay a game, $ 13 per month to play … for years!

  • DormantJester

    Well, I have the action combat system where you mentioned this strongly in an MMORPG that its modified rare agree, but there are MMO out there with this kind of system space as Vindictus and Dragon Nest, these games are obviously low-budget, but it’s not exactly completely original and yet you really have to 1, 2, 3 probably press in the use of certain spells, has not the combo system includes all the skills

  • ismael arcy

    Love u …. no homo …. All homo


    The monthly fee is a big reason why I do not get into MMOs.

  • TheRadradrobot

    Ha! Good as ever. Keep up the good work guys.

  • ThePopcornWeasel

    MMOGs not worth except minecraft because the multiplayer is for

  • thekash6666

    Wow gets bad ….

  • Millhouse3671

    So basically just told us MMOMG to other sites looking for information? Thank you ..

  • Millhouse3671

    Guild Wars 2 is not f2p

  • Tony Rosario

    I do not mind the cost … But the reason I do this is because I get.them long hours is not much time to work in my hands

  • CheezeSneeze77


  • PJmorrisify

    This! My hats off to exacrlym anointed Sir.

  • oliverandm

    If they’re smart, they destroy a lot of content in Guild Wars 2 now. Give us an extension of only a few months later and try again. In this way they will make money no problem 🙂 I woudn’t contrast

  • canislupus009

    Personally, I do not really mind the fee. And when I put my mmo of choice that will be WoW, want to stop until GW2 comes, I can not


    Yes, I did. I did not pay for GW2, to play games like WoW and ToR.

  • Dwalimz

    Yes, but Guild Wars 2 does not require monthly payments. You buy the game once and never pay later. It’s like buying a standard game on Xbox 360 or PS3.

  • Nicker44

    Masters? Runes? stimulates exp? Buy new champions? If money is strictly for cosmetic reasons is good, but LoL gives people spend money, an unfair advantage.

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