David Jayne Writes Memoir on 30-Year Experience with Lou Gehrig’s Disease

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David Jayne Writes Memoir on 30-Year Experience with Lou Gehrig’s Disease

UPDATED: 01/06/15

December 27, 2014— David Jayne has been living with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, also called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), for the past 30 years. The journey hasn’t been easy and he recounts it all in his autobiography, which he aims to publish with the help of Kickstarter.

Jayne has launched a Kickstarter campaign recently to raise $30,000 until January 8. The funds from this campaign will be used to support him as he continues to write The Unexpected Journey his memoir about his battle with ALS and his triumph over the disease that would have killed him more than twenty years ago.

ALS is a progressive degeneration of the motor neurons of the central nervous system. As a result, the muscles of the affected parts of the body waste away and eventually lead to paralysis, leading to a fatal condition.
“I share my thirty year experience of living with ALS, the heartaches, the triumphs, and beating the impossible odds. The Unexpected Journey is about never giving up, wanting to, but in the darkest hour discovering inner strength you never knew existed,” says Jayne.

He adds, “I started writing The Unexpected Journey several years ago. I was not motivated to complete the book, because I have been focused on my family, living life and trying my best not to allow ALS to become the center piece of my existence.” However, life dealt him another blow as his wife left him.

“I cannot afford to hire caregivers twenty four hours a day. The goal of $30,000 should buy me enough time, one year, to finish writing.” He hopes that through the campaign, he can support himself to hire a caregiver while he write his book. His book, then, will serve to support him as a source of income to augment his disability income and insurance.

Jayne has been published in People Magazine, as well as in Amazon. His children’s book, Bubblegum Blues, has been a best seller on Amazon, while his blog, David Jayne, has been read in over 100 countries. He has written five chapters on The Unexpected Journey so far and he is looking to acquire a book deal as soon as he is finished. Otherwise, he will self-publish his book.

Meanwhile, the Kickstarter campaign will allow backers to get digital and hardcover copies of The Unexpected Journey as well as credits and an opportunity to have dinner or watch a Dan Martin and Jake Flint concert with Jayne himself.

To find out more, visit his blog at www.davidjayne.net.

About David Jayne
David Jayne was diagnosed with ALS at 26, soon after he graduated from college. Prior to the diagnosis, he was very active, spending outdoor trips in the wilderness and mountains of Alaska. Fishing streams was a passion of his until he had to succumb to the paralysis ALS brings. He was thought to only survive three to five years after diagnosis, but now, more than 30 years later, he is still continuing to inspire people of his journey.
David founded the National Coalition to Amend the Medicare Homebound Restriction, which paved the way for George W. Bush to sign the punitive law that restricts health insurance to the home.

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