Dark Side Global Rolls Out Kickstarter Campaign to Launch Second Issue of Max Hunter: Snowfall Part 2

Mike Gonzalez December 16, 2014 Comments Off on Dark Side Global Rolls Out Kickstarter Campaign to Launch Second Issue of Max Hunter: Snowfall Part 2
Dark Side Global Rolls Out Kickstarter Campaign to Launch Second Issue of Max Hunter: Snowfall Part 2

UPDATED: 11/17/14

November 5, 2014— Bounty hunter versus assassin.

Comic book publishing company, Dark Side Global, promises a story unlike any other as they seek to release their second issue of Max Hunter, a continuing saga of protagonist bounty hunter, Max Hunter, against his arch nemesis, the brutal assassin, Vincent Snow. In order to produce this second issue, Max Hunter writer, Alex Lobato, of Dark Side Global has created a Kickstarter campaign to raise $2,000, which will help the company print and market the comic book. The campaign runs from November 2 to December 17 and offers many comic book treats for its backers.

Max Hunter: Snowfall Part 2 dives deeper into the adventures of the hero, Hunter, who is a cybernetic bounty hunter on a quest to find his latest target. He unexpectedly crosses paths with notorious assassin, Snow. The second issue flashes back to the history of the two rivals, when Snow crosses a line and makes things personal for Hunter. The second issue continues on with the action and excitement unraveled by the first as Hunter reveals more of himself and the story shows more interesting characters.

Lobato tells the crowdfunding community, “Our goal is $2,000, the money you put in will go to the creation of issue #2 of our comic book. It will help us print, market, and fund the hard copy of our comic book along with the rewards offered here. We are looking to premiere issue #2 of Max Hunter at the various conventions.” Max Hunter is Dark Side Global’s flagship comic book and they are in the works with creating more stories and characters. Lobato adds, “Max is our launch story and its success will continue to open up the doors to Gateway City and all the stories lying within.”

According to Dark Side Global, Gateway City is a futuristic metropolitan where many of their comic book series are set. The city is established by Krupp Industries Inc. under the leadership of Jeremiah Krupp, who acquired it from the state of Louisiana and some parts of Texas, and made it into a business and political hotspot in the country. It became even more notorious with its creation of the first cargo transportation system into space. The story of Max Hunter is just one of the many heroes of Gateway City that Dark Side Global will unveil.

Through the Kickstarter campaign, Lobato and his team, headed by artist and writer Jon Adams, will be able to further bring Max Hunter to life as well as create a wider fan base for the release of other comic books. In return, backers of the campaign can get exclusive rewards such as digital copies of the comic book, hard copies of the first and second issues, t-shirts, Kickstarter exclusive prints, exclusive fan art, limited hardcover copies of the comic books, and even a personalized character portrait of higher level backers.

To find out more, visit darksideglobal.com.

About Dark Side Global

Dark Side Global started with a group of artist and writers wanting to take a chance and live out a dream. The idea was to make a home were artist and writers can come together and make ideas a reality. Our goal is to imagine, create, and provide inspiration to our readers and fans.

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