Crowd-Sourced, Hyperlocal Weather Platform BloomSky, Now on Kickstarter

Mike Gonzalez July 7, 2014 Comments Off on Crowd-Sourced, Hyperlocal Weather Platform BloomSky, Now on Kickstarter
Crowd-Sourced, Hyperlocal Weather Platform BloomSky, Now on Kickstarter

UPDATED: 07/4/14

June 27, 2014— You check your weather app and found the weather perfect for a picnic with friends but the moment you step out the door, it rains. Has this ever happened to you? Did you ever feel frustrated about your mobile weather app delivering you inaccurate reports?

June 18 saw a hyperlocal, personal weather station launched on Kickstarter. BloomSky, a device and app that provides real-time data and sky image onto a crowd-sourced network for a more reliable and accurate weather report, was unveiled on the crowdfunding site to raise $75,000 until July 28. The campaign aims to take BloomSky out of the drawing board and into the market, specifically on everyone’s backyards for a state-of-the-art, real-time weather reporting.

BloomSky’s sleek, weather-resistant outdoor module is composed of a Smart HD camera to automatically take pictures of the sky every 3-5 minutes; innovative rain sensor to accurately tell when rain begins and ends; and outdoor-resistant, high-performance design to withstand extremes in weather as well as dust and sunlight.

BloomSky is powered by rechargeable battery or solar panel. It also comes Wi-Fi connected to the BloomSky Cloud.
Through BloomSky set up in your area, anyone can access the Cloud on their mobile phone and have access to weather conditions in that area. BloomSky’s 5-in-1 sensors measure temperature, humidity, Barometric pressure, UV exposure, and precipitation, with excellent and reliable accuracy. BloomSky’s team of designers, programmers and entrepreneurs envisions an interconnected network of BloomSky modules that anyone can access on the Cloud for better weather reports. You can just stick it on your garden, patio or backyard using its stake and you can get accurate weather reports in your area, wherever you are. You can also access weather reports in all parts of the city, country, and the world through crowd-sourced data from other BloomSky owners.

By launching a Kickstarter campaign, BloomSky’s team of developers can polish the mobile app for iOS and Android, continually debug and make the app stable. The hardware itself, together with its stake, solar panels, and indoor modules, are ready for production and the funds from the campaign will allow the team to finally manufacture BloomSky and all its components.

In return, backers of the campaign can become one of the earliest BloomSky weather stations by owning their own BloomSky outdoor modules with stakes. Backers can also get their own BloomSky outdoor modules with indoor modules and/or solar panels. Depending on their pledge level, supporters of the campaign can have the opportunity to be invited on the first beta-test in San Francisco and have access to the database, or become partners with the BloomSky team for development of the platform.
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About BloomSky
For decades, weather information meant receiving numerical data from a centralized source. We believe weather cannot be understood merely through numbers, but needs to be felt through observation. This is why we created BloomSky, to start a community where everyone is a weather reporter, contributing to the birth of a more human experience with weather information.

Our Vision is to create next generation, crowd sourcing weather data by user generated and shared data. We believe BloomSky is the personal meteorologist that provides the most efficient way at building an infrastructure of achieving accurate, hyperlocal weather data for United States, and hopefully in the short future, for the world.

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