Code Hero’s Kickstarter funding spikes $115K & rising: A game that teaches you how to make games!

Mike Gonzalez April 4, 2013 28

Visit the Kickstarter and help us keep the momentum so we can fund Code Hero enough to add Multiplayer, iOS/Android support and shoot a documentary series about the birth of Primer Labs, the development of Code Hero, the rise of code literacy education and the renaissance of crowd funding for indie game developers!
Video Rating: 4 / 5 – Revolution Software today unveils the first details of the latest game in the phenomenal Broken Sword series — and invites fans to join the adventure from the very beginning by supporting the project through the Kickstarter crowd-funding site. Broken Sword The Serpent’s Curse will be the fifth title in the much-loved series, reuniting George Stobbart and Nico Collard for their most explosive adventure yet. The game will be available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android in early 2013 — but fans can begin their adventure now by making a pledge on Kickstarter. For , a digital copy of the game will be made available on release, along with a host of bonus material. Additional rewards are available at higher tiers with the opportunity to own original Broken Sword artwork, signed game design documents, personalised drawings from the art team, personalised messages from the game’s actors, a mention in the game, a fine array of merchandise clothing and even an invitation to the project wrap party in one of the game’s exotic locations. “The process of game development has previously been remote from our fans,” says Charles Cecil, managing director, Revolution Software. “By self publishing, we now have a direct relationship with our audience — a position that we value enormously.” “We’re delighted that the latest Broken Sword title is to be the first of our adventures that we can take with our fans. By pledging support now, we’ll be going on a journey which will end


    lol. thats so true

  • Rpahut1

    Well, it’s been a month. When do we see an update?

  • WilliamK99

    This is awesome, have already had a blast with my 8 year old who loves math and science but hates everything else about school. Hoping Code Hero develops the fire in him to learn all he can.

  • MrEduardKhil

    I can’t stop looking at that mole, nice game though it’s a lot of fun.

  • scorpionredstinger

    I just want someone to tell me why I am unable to log in to the game I sponsored for 42.00

  • dopepoo

    Code the change you wish to see. Nice! 🙂

  • klemons23

    $31 donor here, congrats on reaching your goal!!! I got into the beta and played the first level javascript so far. I am a 50 year old mom starting from absolute zero knowledge and it was fun to work my way through the challenges. I got this for my 15 yr old son, who wants to be a game designer. But I am doing it first to get a head start on him. I did find a bug in one of the first level challenges whats the best way to report the bugs. Have fun at the party.

  • faralcane

    Congrats on reaching goal! I look forward to receiving my USB copy. Any chance at see C++ implemented into the game to learn with?

  • Robert Alexander

    This project is a GAME CHANGER!


  • Danik112

    Woo, congrats! Can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with.

  • Max Maxh

    I love these 2D backgrounds and the 3D character-models! Awesome!

  • psnLoneWulf14

    … this comment was totally uncalled for, people have different tastes in everything, food, music, video games etc. dont put someone down because they prefer something different to you. calling someone an idiot because they dont have the same opinion is just ridiculous. grow up

  • xRadicalRascalx

    I’m thinking the graphics of the characters will be 2D in the finished product, I think the only reason they are 3D is for the bit in the the trailer where Charles walks into shot and pretends they are actor.

  • RandomlyFunnygirl

    Don’t they understand we only want 2 thins?
    a) for nico to actually have a good french accent
    b) For George and nico to finally get together FOR REAL this time.

  • joe bagnel

    there’s something sooo dodgy about all this, Charles Cecil strikes me as a man who would mind mice at a crossroads

  • leonGarciaification

    bs 3-4 are the worst fo the series
    go back playing your craps games kkthxbb
    we dont need idiots like you

  • Patrick Schönberger

    that was my first thought as well.

  • OksanaDez

    Как я рада, что они вернулись к классике! Надеюсь, не подведут!!!

  • Lawrence Charlie Mackinnon

    George & Nico look ugly in this game.. They looked much better in Broken Sword 3.. God i miss that game.. 🙁

  • wazburg

    Alright I like the graphics FROM A DISTANCE
    but seriously I do not consider that 2D it is just 3D with a 2D render
    I actually love the 3D broken swords but this render looks too cheesy mainly George close up. The background artwork looks stunning! I can see the style of this game is going to be like the adventure game ‘So blonde back to the island’ and the graphics were like this in that game but less detailed and that games amazing so I’m sure this will be EVERYONE JOIN KICKSTARTER!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • RandomlyFunnygirl

    Just get George and Nico together! Permanently this time pleeease!!!!

  • Karel Zich

    the truth is that although they’re talking about the “best broken sword game so far”, this simply does NOT look better than BS1 or BS2

  • Attila Olah

    Canny wait!!! And this is better than 3d!!

  • Adam Mon

    Is the guy in the grey suit the same guy from the art gallery that George spikes with absinth in number two? looks similar

  • Samuel Barriball

    I still have my shadow of the templars box set

  • Alexander Lukanin

    Ok, this rendered graphics look just ugly. I don’t want this kind of 2d.

  • peter rhodes

    Already backed this project. Can’t wait for this to be released. Shadow of the Templars will take some beating but fingers crossed…

  • machinist18

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! IM SO ABSOLUTELY AWAITING THIS GAME :))

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