Children’s Book Jett Around the World Soars on Kickstarter

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Children’s Book Jett Around the World Soars on Kickstarter

April 27, 2015— “We have always wanted to work with children – to entertain and hopefully educate…and it’s from this that Jett was born.”

This is Josh and Danielle Wakerman’s story and how they have come up with Jett Around the World.

Jett Around the World is a picture book series that teaches kids about different cities around the world and the different people that live in them. The book also teaches students about languages, cultures and traditions around the world in a way that makes it fun and interesting for young children. The husband-and-wife team has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help bring Jett from the drawing board and into children’s storybooks.

The crowdfunding campaign aims to raise $10,000 until May 22 in order to publish the book and bring Jett’s adventures to children.

Jett is a smart boy with a big personality who loves to travel. He takes his love for travel from his father, who is a pilot. He secretly follows around his dad, taking himself on an adventure after adventure to the different cities all over the world. In his travels, he usually meets up with friends who show him around. He also has his trusty sidekick, the know-it-all lizard Leroy who has plenty of random facts about each city.

The Wakermans have always wanted to work their children and educate them. They share their inspiration for Jett Around the World, “Too many young kids grow up knowing very little about the world around them. Today, technology ensures that we live in a world that’s getting smaller, but, at the same time people of different cultures are growing apart. These books will broaden young minds and teach them to embrace difference.” They also hope that their books will help children become more entertained by books instead of gadgets once again.

Through this storybook series, they also hope to make a difference by donating Jett Around the World books to underprivileged classrooms in their home country in Australia and in the United States. “Once we sell 1000 books we’ll donate 1000 books to kids and schools that need them but can’t afford them such as the Yipirinya School in Alice Springs in Australia. And it’s this that excites us the most about the journey we’re on!” says the couple.

By helping them with the crowdfunding campaign, backers will be able to get different rewards depending on their tier levels. Among the rewards include ‘Thank You’ credits on the website, digital copies of the book, actual copies of the any or all five books, posters of the illustrations in the book, or even the opportunity to have the backers’ children to be included in the illustrations in any of the book.

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About Josh and Danielle Wakerman
Josh and Danielle are a husband and wife team behind Jett Around the World book series.
Josh has been a copywriter for many years working with many multinational agencies on brands such as Coca Cola and Qantas, and now runs his own copywriting business called Scribe.

Meanwhile Danielle is a travel buff and researcher who works as a social researcher.

Josh Wakerman
Simpson Street
Bondi 2026
1800 234 414

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