cellhelmet™ Commercial – cellhelmet for iPhone 4/4S

Mike Gonzalez February 13, 2013 40

cellhelmet™ Commercial - cellhelmet for iPhone 4/4S

cellhelmet™ is not indestructible. Your iPhone will crumble if you hit it with a baseball bat or throw it off of a Pittsburgh bridge. It was made for the pocket – not war. It does include a protection guarantee though, so relax and enjoy your device. If you have an accident and your iPhone breaks inside of a cellhelmet™, we’ll repair or replace it. Oink. Get full details at www.cellpig.com *The cellhelmet case is not indestructible and should be handled with care. Reckless behavior may result in a damaged iPhone 4/4S. All claims are subject to a handling fee. The following is not covered: water damage, manufacturer defects and faulty operating systems. Personalized data such as contact lists, photos, video and music downloads. Customized software, such as personal information, screen savers and software applications. It is the responsibility of the customer to backup all information prior to submitting for repair. cellhelmet covers physical damages to the iPhone 4/4S only. Consult the manufacturer for malfunctioning operating systems. cellhelmet coverage will last one year from date of original purchase. Must be a resident of the United States or Canada to be eligible for cellhelmet coverage. cellhelmet may be purchased outside of the United States or Canada, but will not include any iPhone 4/4S accidental damage coverage or guarantee. cellhelmet coverage must be registered within 30 days of purchase, by the customer, at cellpig.com/cellhelmet. Failure to register

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  • Josephine Wilson

    Love love LOVE IT!!! Just placed my order after Mike quickly answered my minor ?’s Woot woot I should be able to use my Doctor Who Tardis vinyl decals + the clear cellhelmet + screen protector. Obviously gonna be a snugger fit but as TPS is a flexible material I should be able to strecth it to fit! I am so psyched to get this case and protector I am more excited than I was about getting my iPhone 5!!!

  • Alex Hall

    Yes, It will be out soon.

  • Kendall Williams

    At 0:26 that’s my older brother!!!!

  • yantradeals

    Very interesting commercial. We need to find some more ways to break iPhone.

  • xeniosm

    yeap…that is an American advert indeed

  • cellstuff4you

    It’s now available for pre-order at cellhelmet [dot] com

  • cellstuff4you

    iPhone 5 case available for pre-order!

  • MrTeleprompterChair

    Great commercial. Lot’s of fun!

  • cellPIGtv

    Thanks for the input @Blueflagproductions! The $50 is a handling fee – not sure shipping. Return shipping is on us! We truly appreciate the support!

  • Blueflagproductions

    lol the cups made me laugh but $50 for shipping replacements? Why do I fell like that isn’t all going towards shipping -_- can we just ship it to you via normal fedex charges?

  • 1bentley4ever

    Will there be a case coming for the iPhone 5?

  • cellPIGtv

    Thanks Ted – we’re so geeked with how it came out! Truly appreciate everything you put into it and we’ll gladly have you on board next time!

  • Olivelover

    Well you’re very welcome! :D

  • voronOsphere

    Great video, guys! I love it & it was great helping to create it that day! (From Ted Voron voronOsphere).

  • cellPIGtv


  • cellPIGtv

    BOOM. BOOM. BOOM! Found em!

  • cellPIGtv

    Appreciate that Mr. Mix!

  • cellPIGtv

    Those are actually humans with pig head implants. Pretty cool huh?

  • cellPIGtv

    Just like an overcooked hot dog.  Thanks!

  • cellPIGtv

    BOOM!  Thanks cuz…

  • DarkProtector

    It’s kiwi or Aussie music

  • TimeLordWereWolf

    Forgiven. Peace out, man.

  • ahmed inezi

    Ok dude I’m sorry for my comment. Felt kinda guilty after that. peace bro,peace.

  • TimeLordWereWolf

    I wasn’t being racist. I was agreeing with Rebeler666. Chillax.

  • ahmed inezi

    hey it’s not Indian

  • ahmed inezi

    I gonna blow your racist ass with my RPG. Know that you Mr.whoever you are racist sucka

  • TimeLordWereWolf

    Make another one with all his Shirtless scenes!

  • grimmabsol


  • TimeLordWereWolf

    Dudes, that music was not Indian or Muslim. And this was a damn fine video.

  • MarcTheMovieGuy


  • supernova7754

    Love Burn Notice, Music was cool. Love the didgeri!! & Guitar & BeaT!!!!!!!

  • DolphinTrainer2B


  • david castle

    wats with the indian music ?

  • mtcp122

    They really should hire you to make the commercials for them… I’m just saying…

  • diagnosticmad

    Honestly, this is the best burn notice editing and music I have seen on Youtube…some music just doesn’t go with them, but this music works!

  • Eyeshiner22

    that…was…amazing!! good work! very nicely put together!!

  • 73Stargazer

    OMG! thank you!!

  • university37

    u mean the explosion behind michael? its family business. season 1 episode 5

  • 73Stargazer

    2;42 what episode. <3

  • PhillyGirl1

    its cool

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