Cat Duo Launches Kickstarter to Bring Cheapskate Games’ Fish Cook to Mobile

Mike Gonzalez September 5, 2014 Comments Off on Cat Duo Launches Kickstarter to Bring Cheapskate Games’ Fish Cook to Mobile
Cat Duo Launches Kickstarter to Bring Cheapskate Games’ Fish Cook to Mobile

UPDATED: 09/05/14

AUGUST 14, 2014— Pair, Get Lucky, Deadwood Studios USA, and Unexploded Cow. What do they have in common? 

These games were created by James Ernest and were successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter and are now being played by avid card and board game enthusiasts the world over. Now game app developer Cat Duo partners with Ernest’s Cheapass Games company to launch on Kickstarter another board game, Fish Cook, and cross it over to the mobile app gaming platform. The campaign aims to raise $15,000 from August 5 to September 6.

Fish Cook is an economic strategy board game where users vie to become the best chef in France. Players must earn money, prestige and respect from peers by creating recipes or stealing them from other players. The gameplay takes place over several days, wherein players take turns buying ingredients from the market in the morning and then cooking the recipes in the evening. The goal of the game is to spend money wisely and to watch the price fluctuations of the ingredients in the market.

Ernest’s company, Cheapskate Games, has collaborated with Cat Duo to develop the game app for mobile devices. Through Cat Duo, Fish Cook will be available as a digital tabletop game that people can play with their friends using their own phones. With a Jovios Controller app, players can view their own hidden information on their own phone and view the game live on a shared device.

According to Cat Duo, the Fish Cook app will contain the following features:
• Play the game in real-time, with all of your friends around the table, utilizing separate screens for public and private information
• Play online against your friends or random strangers
• AI opponents for single and multiplayer games
• Gorgeous updated art
• Fun chef avatars

David Geisert, CEO and Lead Developer of Cat Duo, says, “We are hoping to make this the start of a movement towards digitizing many more great tabletop games. James [Ernest] has great plans for his games, and we have talked to other great designers about their games. This campaign covers much of the structure of the tabletop apps, and we’ll keep it going as long as you keep wanting more tabletop apps.”

Through the Kickstarter campaign, Cat Duo will be able to fully develop the app with all the features. In return, backers of the campaign will have access to Kickstarter Exclusive celebrity chef avatars; have their own personalized avatar; download high-resolution print-and-play PDF copies of Fish Cook; have access to the Beta testing; and get limited-edition Fish Cook campaign coins. Aside from these, backers can also get a complete, original edition of Fish Cook print sets, Cheapass money and Fish Cook-themed dice set, and many more.
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About Cat Duo
The founders of Cat Duo met through a recurring board game night established over six years ago. The founders initially started working together by designing tabletop board games to play among their friends. The Cat Duo team then created a mobile game called Cloud Burst. Following the success of our mobile app, the Cat Duo team embarked on a new journey to incorporate the social experience of playing board games together in-person on a mobile format.

David Geisert is the CEO and lead developer. He worked at Zynga as a senior product manager on FrontierVille, and unreleased mobile titles. Before working at Zynga, David wad working in finance at David has a Master’s from Stanford and a Bachelor’s from Georgia Tech.

Stephanie Lee is the creative director and lead designer. She comes with several years of graphic design, UI/UX design and product development experience, along with a master’s degree from the University of Southern California and a bachelor’s degree from MIT.

Candice Trebus is the marketing and community manager with over seven years of experience. She is a very social nerd who loves board games, video games and snuggling with her fuzzy kitty, Mayapan. She is passionate about Jovios and loves meeting new people.

Jeffrey Lo is an advisor, coming to Jovios with 12 years of software engineering and product management experience. His career centers on building ecosystems for developers, end-users, and partners. His most recent projects include driving IBM’s developer community product direction and deploying mobile education at partner universities.

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