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Mike Gonzalez March 23, 2013 3

donation here! time for three attempts to raise enough capital to our first professional music video with Brian Lazzaro (who directed music videos for Pink, Rilo Kiley, Rooney and others) to produce. We have a great idea for a video with messages about bullying and who you are, what we hope to touch and inspire thousands of people. The video is. An entirely new arrangement and recording of the song “Stronger” by Kanye West We can not begin shooting the video, we need funding to help us to get to 000 by the start of the scheduled meeting in Los Angeles 26th August Anything you can give will help us to achieve this goal. Please visit the different ways you can learn to make a difference.
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John Hess explores a different way of thinking about Kickstarter and how to find success in the online crowd-funding. Show Notes:



  • Democratese

    Scorsese would have burst Coppolla would burst, like Hitchcock. The point is that the character of the filmmaker or actor that makes them. I’ve seen and spoken Scorsese talks hes data. The man is incredibly down to earth, but concentrated, he’s also got a certain amount of madness, do all the creative types. It is always the dough, you can not compete on a support and as we know nothing. In the sea of ​​mediocrity something crazy, they also had no internet.

  • dmj2000

    This video is part of the registration page Kickstarter. I must admit that I was totally lost trying to understand how a successful project worked all last year. I felt bad accusing him of a popularity contest, now I understand that this is exactly what it is … but not in a bad way.

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