Black Ops 2 MESSIAH! Plus, Ouya’s KICKSTARTER, Arkham City’s PREQUEL, and more video game MOVIES!

Mike Gonzalez January 23, 2013 16

If you thought the video game-movie crossovers were over, THINK AGAIN! Today we got word of three upcoming films based on the Deus Ex, God of War, AND Halo 4 franchises, along with prequel rumors for Batman: Arkham City and trailers for Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation and Black Ops II. Also, it’s been less than 48 hours but the Ouya console has already been Kickstarted into production! 00:58 – 03:33 – 06:32 – 08:03 – 10:39 – 13:53 – Follow Tara on Twitter: Follow Max on Twitter: Follow The DTOID Show on Twitter:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • musicpawns

    he’s simon from american idol lolol

  • Th3Prowl3r

    anyone think the bad guy is mason but just changed his name

  • Jon166

    7:00 I’d hope she’s the first African American, this is the first generation set in America.

  • SuperCorndog12

    the us-china war reminds me of battlefield 2 modern combat

  • welfare131

    I remember the bat shark repellent from the first batman movie with Adam west

  • ChaoticButter

    The gold age of comic books were dark times, worst time the world has ever seen.

  • UnitedWeWrestle

    I love this show, but 90% of the time Max always has something negative to say.

  • synthem

    i kinda like the first Mortal Kombat movie. will always have a soft spot in my heart.

    and i can see the various ways in which Silent Hill was not a good movie, but still… even that one had its moments.

  • Jakers457

    If anything the live action material that has been done for Halo is pretty solid, so I might keep an eye on that.

  • Rubberman202

    Arkham Batman PREQUEL? To take place in the “Silver Age of Comics”? That sounds AWESOME!! …If they can pull it off.

    Speaking of awesome, I totally support the “Ouya”… Or at least I would if I had the money… Not that I need to, the Kickstarter is apparently doing well enough on it’s own.

  • Killerkilshaw

    Comment block


    Fucking LOL”!!! 14:24 Fish Tits”!!!!

  • jfwalken

    Mortal Kombat was pretty entertaining adaptation. Prince of Persia wasn’t headache inducing

  • aLargeChesseBurger

    thing that gets me annoyed is that she is drinking out that mug that has nothing in it.cleche.

  • Mctrollable

    I think Kayne and Lynch: Dead Men would make an awesome movie!

  • hahaha this show is hilarious.

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