Award-Winning Writer Takes to Kickstarter to Publish Anthology, Counterculture UK

Mike Gonzalez June 29, 2015 Comments Off on Award-Winning Writer Takes to Kickstarter to Publish Anthology, Counterculture UK
Award-Winning Writer Takes to Kickstarter to Publish Anthology, Counterculture UK

UPDATED: 06/22/15

June 17, 2015— “We did it. People did it,” says Cheryl Robson, award-winning writer, editor, and filmmaker as she launches a Kickstarter campaign for her latest project, eBook Counterculture UK, which revisits and explores the social movements and trends that have shaped modern Britain in the past 60 years.

Robson has created a crowdfunding campaign to raise £3,000 to cover publication of 1000 copies, shipping, storage, and postage. Other expenses, such as contributor fees, editor fees, marketing, distribution, and events, will be covered by Robson’s publishing house, Supernova Books, which she has started with Rebecca Gillieron, musician and editor.

“This book offers insight into the many strands which combined to create modern Britain and offers some ideas for changing things for the better,” says Robson. “We need this book to remind people how counter-cultures are born, become movements and change our world,” she adds.

Robson and Gillieron have established Supernova Books as a groundbreaking press that explores the arts in innovative ways, giving voice to the marginalized in various sectors of society. By publishing book and compiling stories into anthologies, Supernova Books helps promote the bolder, more creative thinkers, the subversive ones, and those enjoying critical acclaim.

Through their publishing house, they aim to shed light on new ways of looking and thinking about cultures, counter-cultures, societies, and the world. Counterculture UK is the fourth book they will be launching, after non-fictions on women film directors (Celluloid Ceiling), girl bands of various music genres (Women Make Noise), and the life of Patrick McGoohan (Not a Number).

Counterculture UK is an anthology that features an iconic cover image by artist Joe Webb, whose work has been shown at the Saatchi Gallery. Dozens of professional writers and counter-culture artists and experts, have contributed chapters for the book.

Counterculture UK features topics that include the following:

Art: How the Rebels Got Rich by Mark Sheerin, arts journalist and blogger
Comedy: The Changing Landscape of Comedy by Susan Murray, east London comedienne and MC
Dance: Anarchy from the Margins and Free Expression by Mark Edward, performance artist and writer
Disability Arts & Activism: Subversion within the Secluded by Penny Pepper, performance artist and activist
Environmentalism: A Way of Life by Paul Quinn, writer and editor
Feminism: Feminism Activism and its Achievements so Far… by Hayley Foster da Silva, digital broadcaster, F-word contributor, spiritual healer
Film: Beyond the Mainstream by Ellen Cheshire, film writer and lecturer
LGBT Culture: What’s Wrong with Being a Freak Anyway? By Joseph McCormick, editor of Pink News
Literature: Underground Publishing: Blast and Bless by Ben Graham, author, music critic and poet
Music: Mainstream Counter-Cultures: The Ultimate Mix by Em Ayson, freelance writer and cultural commentator
Negative Space: Subculture in Boom Time London by Tim Burrows, journalist and musician
Theater: Counter-Cultural Performances: from the 1960s to Contemporary Physical and Visual Theatre by Dr Tim Garrett, academic and journal editor
YouTube and Social Media: A New Platform by Bella Qvist, journalist and freelance write

Aside from these contributors, backers of the campaign can also get the chance to contribute their own work for CounterCulture UK.

Backers of the campaign will also eBook copies of Counterculture UK, fresh-off-the-press copies, print copies signed by contributors, t-shirts, and invitations to meet and have lunch with the contributors and editor.
To find out more, visit Supernova Books.

About Cheryl Robson
Cheryl is an award-winning writer, editor, and former filmmaker for BBC TV. She, together with Rebecca Gillieron, editor and musician for band Wetdog, they have created Supernova Books to explore the arts in innovative ways, giving voice to the marginalized in various sectors of society.

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Twickenham TW1 4HX
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