Artist Carrie MaKenna Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Flower Guide Paintings

Mike Gonzalez July 6, 2014 Comments Off on Artist Carrie MaKenna Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Flower Guide Paintings
Artist Carrie MaKenna Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Flower Guide Paintings

UPDATED: 07/03/14
Carrie MaKenna promotes Native American meditation Plant Blend through a collection of flower paintings

July 2, 2014— Have you ever looked at a flower and have it speak to you?

Painter and writer Carrie MaKenna wants to share the unique beauty of flowers and the spiritual insights each one brings through her Kickstarter campaign. Carrie is set to create 78 exceptional paintings of different flower species and write intuitive, motivational and empowering messages on an exhibit she calls The Flower Guide. This endeavor into the Native American meditation process called Plant Blend will only be possible through the crowdfunding campaign, which aims to raise $20,000 from June 11 to July 10.

“The Flower Guide project is both a visual and spiritual guide to the major flowers of the world,” says Carrie. Through her exhibit, she plans to present in an exhibit 78 vibrantly painted portraits of flowers and through these reflect the individual messages that they bring. Each of these flowers has its own story to tell and inspire the human spirit. She adds, “The Flower Guide provides practical wisdom and spiritual insights from the flowers along with exercises and affirmations for integrating the flowers’ guidance into one’s daily life.”
This type of meditation with flowers was inspired by her Native American studies in which they blend with the plant and actually come to feel what it is like to be a plant. She relates, “In 1999 the flower kingdom began nudging me to sit with them and allow them to share their wisdom for the benefit of human kind.” Through this form of meditation, Carrie has gained life experiences that she wants to share with the world.

Through the Kickstarter campaign, Carrie can create 70 more 11×14-inch canvas paintings to add to the 8 she has already painted. Accompanying these paintings are written texts that will also be displayed in the exhibit. These written texts are messages that Carrie has gathered from her meditation and interviews with the flowers. She shares how she gets these interviews with flowers, “The approach that seems to work best is to sit with a live, growing flower and sketch it first. This is a way of honoring it and letting it know I am paying full attention to it. Then I ask it to tell me what message it would like to convey. Once I have that I return to the studio to paint a portrait of the flower.” Carrie plans to spend the next year doing this to introduce the world to her take on the Flower Kingdom, and afterwards conduct an exhibit in the Denver-metro area in Colorado.

In return, backers of her campaign can get handwritten ‘Thank You’ notes on Flower Guide notecards, invitations to the exhibit, custom magnets of the Flower Guide painting, 4-pack Flower Guide notecards, necklaces with a Flower Guide painting, Flower Guide painting on matted, ready-to frame prints, framed Flower Guide prints, acknowledgements as donor in the exhibit and in her website, and many more. Higher-level backers can also take home one of Carrie’s Flower Guide paintings straight from the exhibit, or even commission her for an original painting.

For more information and updates, visit

Carrie Makenna, MA
Anam Cara Living Arts Studio and Gallery
445 S. Saulsbury St. Studio G
Lakewood CO 80226
Tel: 720 933-3813

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