The Anatomy of Severe Weather Launches on Kickstarter

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The Anatomy of Severe Weather Launches on Kickstarter

UPDATED: 01/27/15

January 14, 2015— Zach Roberts and Jason Weingart of Mr. Twister are two storm chasers and weather photographers who have set out to create The Anatomy of Severe Weather, an educational book that will teach children and adults about the different kinds of weather.

Roberts and Weingart, brought together by their passions for storm chasing, weather photography, and research, have created The Anatomy of Severe Weather to show readers the amazing forces of nature and the dynamics that happen in the atmosphere.

“The Anatomy of Severe Weather” will utilize over 200 high resolution images of severe weather that we have witnessed and will witness in person across the Great Plains,” says Roberts. “We have a vision of our book being used in classrooms, SKYWARN ™ storm spotter meetings, and by the casual weather enthusiast.”

Roberts have launched a Kickstarter campaign to make The Anatomy of Severe Weather possible and available in both hardcopy and digital editions. He wants to raise $28,500 until February 5, 2015.

Robert adds, “Our goal is to traverse the plains during the spring of 2015 collecting just the right images and have all of the components in place to release the book in both hard and electronic copy by December of 2015. This is an ambitious project, and we aim to produce a product that will be of the highest quality and utilized for years to come.”

The Anatomy of Severe Weather will have the following features:
• Over 200 of our Professional high resolution images of tornadoes, lightning, supercell thunderstorms, and much more! The reader will have the ability to add or subtract a clear page overlay that will describe each image in detail.
• Detailed explanations of how and why severe weather occurs.
• Historical references to past milestone weather events
• Storm chasing stories behind the scenes to give you an idea of how capture these images

In addition, the book will also have a Bonus Section that covers Jason Weingart’s Franklinstein project, which helps people understand the power of lightning as it powers a rocket that he will launch into the sky to collect data in real time. The Bonus Section will detail his findings, the challenges he faced, and his contribution to the advancement of lightning research.

The Anatomy of a Severe Anatomy is great not only for students but also for weather and photography enthusiasts, storm spotter groups, libraries, storm chasers, and just about anyone who loves to learn about the weather.
Backers of the campaign will get perks such as signed weather image postcards, stickers, signed prints, and many more. Other backers can also ride along and storm-chase with Zach Roberts or have a photography workshop with Jason Weingart.

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About Zachary Roberts
Zach fell in love with the weather as a young boy growing up near Denver Colorado. The dynamic weather along the foothills of the Colorado Rockies provided a launching pad for his future storm chasing adventures. Zach has photographed and chased tornadoes from Canada to Texas and everywhere in between. From the very first time he photographed a tornado he knew that he would be out roaming the plains as long as he was able to. Zach is blessed with a career as a financial advisor and owning his own business allows him to pursue his passion and leave for a storm at a moment’s notice. Zach is also blessed with a very understanding wife (although she is his main chase partner and becoming quite addicted to it herself) and three beautiful children.

About Jason Weingart
Jason loves photography and adventures. He graduated with a bachelor’s of science in photography from the University of Central Florida in the winter of 2012. He has been shooting professionally for two years.
Growing up in the Rust Belt of NE Ohio his interest in weather was present at a very young age. In 3rd grade, a local TV meteorologist visited his classroom and played the infamous tornado overpass video. After that, he would constantly watch VHS tapes of tornadoes. Whenever a severe storm caused him to take shelter, he would stay outside and watch it as long as he could. When asked what he wanted to be when I grew up, his first response was always a “storm chaser”.

Jason Weingart
PO Box 1011 Florence, Texas 76527
Phone: (512) 876 0268

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