Accidental Gentleman Reinvents Formal Wear With Graphic Ties

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Accidental Gentleman Reinvents Formal Wear With Graphic Ties

UPDATED: 04/16/15

April 10, 2015— Today’s men’s fashion is boring and the Accidental Gentleman wants to change all that with a tie.

Yes, a tie.
Accidental Gentleman is an e-commerce based company that is a product of a collaboration among designers, graphic artists, and print-screen artists as they reinvent the good old neck tie. They have created a proprietary process that allows them to print clear, vivid, and consistent images on the ties to allow men to express themselves more even when they are wearing the usually generic suits.

The Accidental Gentleman team, consisting of brothers Jeremy (Production Manager) and Garett (Marketing Director) Garcia, Chris ‘Nash’ Nasshan (Branding Manager/Illustrator), and Miles Manwaring (Graphic Design Manager). They have created a Kickstarter campaign to raise $8,000 until April 21, which they hope will help them bring the vision to life.

“We feel the tie is the one garment that has mostly eluded customization and individual expression,” says Jeremy. He wants to change it up and make ties a form of individuality and self-expression. “We have the experience, creativity, and customer service to revolutionize the formal wear experience!”

They have chosen screen printing, a process widely used for shirts, for their ties. They burn images into emulsion on various mesh screens, then press ink through those screens onto the product to create all kinds of images. Advanced prints on ties used to be difficult to complete because the material shifts in-between color changes as images are being made and now Accidental Gentleman is changing how neck wear is being designed and even personalized.

They have created a patent-pending platen system that is designed especially for neck-wear. Through this system, they will be using interchangeable mounting brackets that will allow them to use and clamp down the ties as they screen-print the design. Currently, their necktie design lines consist of 6 Original Gentleman ties, 4 Exceptional Gentleman ties, and 4 Limited Edition ties that are exclusive on the Kickstarter campaign.

In addition to these ties, the team at Accidental Gentleman will also be giving out State or Country Ties, which feature the outline of the states or countries the backers live in. Other perks include visits to their shops to find out how the team creates each tie.

The leadership and creative team behind Accidental Gentleman has over 18 years of screen-printing and design experience that they are all channeling into their designs.

To find out more, visit The Accidental Gentleman.

About The Accidental Gentleman
Accidental Gentleman is an e-commerce based company that sells and distributes uniquely screen printed neckties. will have a large selection of different materials and unique screen prints for ties that will target the young businessmen and trendy individuals. It will also include options to design a custom print with one of our graphic designers who have extensive experience with the medium of screen printing and the design that is needed for the process.

Accidental Gentleman

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