$20K Crowdfunding Launched for Production of Hand-Free Gas Pumping Product

Mike Gonzalez December 20, 2013 Comments Off on $20K Crowdfunding Launched for Production of Hand-Free Gas Pumping Product
$20K Crowdfunding Launched for Production of Hand-Free Gas Pumping Product

Montreal, Canada – $20K CAD crowdfunding launched for the initial production of EZPump, a device to hold down the gas pump nozzle while gas is pumped.

Inventor Fabrice Mishiki is looking to raise $20,000 CAD via crowdfunding to kick start the production of an innovative device designed for hand-free gas pumping. EZPump holds down the pump nozzle securely without the user holding it while pumping gas. The project will receive funds only if pledges hit the target by Wednesday, January 8, 2014 at 12:12 pm EST.

Backers can post pledges ranging from $1 to $65 CAD on Kickstarter, the host site for the campaign. Pledges below $14 CAD entitle backers to exclusive updates on EZPump developments. Backers with pledges of $14 CAD and above get the chance to have an EZPump as a reward. The earlier the pledge is posted, the higher savings. Shipping to the United States and Canada is free; international shipping costs an extra $10 CAD. Estimated delivery of the product is May 2014.

The design of EZPump takes into consideration the ease and comfort that drivers or vehicle owners are looking for – how to gas up without holding down the pump nozzle. Mishiki said it can be done in three steps: first, insert EzPump onto the gas handle; second, squeeze the nozzle trigger; and, third, twist the EZPump trigger to lock position.

According to Mishiki, it is for either a right or left-handed user. Even the aged as well as people with arthritis can use the product to pump gas easily. Its optimum trigger position supports pumping gas at medium speed, resulting in savings for consumers. (There have been claims about the benefit of pumping gas slowly – a reduction in vapors and increase in gas going to the tank).

The patent pending design has gone through rigorous testing, re-design, rebuilding, retesting, 3D modelling, prototype building and retesting. After extensive testing and functional studies, the resulting product is durable as well as comfortable to use. Proceeds from crowdfunding will cover the cost of tooling and the initial production run.

The idea for EZPump was conceived when Mishiki of Repentigny, Canada realized the inconvenience of pumping gas – one must hold the nozzle until the tank is filled and get his hands dirty or smelling gasoline. Inspired by the challenge of his graduate school professor to come up with new product to build, Mishiki decided to build EZPump.

For more information on the product and the crowdfunding campaign, visit the EzPump Kickstarter page.

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