TOTAL FRAT MOVIE Indiegogo Campaign Video

Mike Gonzalez February 5, 2013 14
TOTAL FRAT MOVIE Indiegogo Campaign Video

The creators, writers and producers at are making Total Frat Movie. Watch this video and learn how you can become part of the World’s Largest Pledge Class.
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    You guys complaining about them asking for donations aren’t thinking. Think. What exactly IS TFM? It’s US. WE as the Greek Community created it, headed by the founders. We create the material. We create the laughter. We create the memories.

    Now, it’s time for us to create the movie. TFM isn’t some multi-billion dollar industry that can just go out and publish a full-fledged hollywood movie by themselves. They need help. They’ve already put in tons of money.  Now we need to help. TFM.

  • The11thHourX

    I was a TFM “rep” until I found out what it was about. Its basically a fund begging campaign

  • RadfordGT

    Not having the funds to produce a quality, independent film. NF.

  • boltp

    I guess TFM is being run by GDI’s now…

  • OneLuckyDevilKS

    Going on the internet to beg for cash to make an indy movie….TNFM

  • Devin Kuhns

    Begging for money. NF

  • chili24137

    this is a joke right?

  • nik96nik

    damn I want a Rowdy Gentlemen vest

  • Justinslater69

    Crounse1000 just doesn’t have a cool last name, ‘fuckin faggot’.

  • Mustafa Abdille

    Done. TCTF

  • Shad Jeffrey II

    watched the other video before. totally thought they kidding around.

  • Charles Pennington

    Donating $8,000

  • bdg5593

    old guy keeps saying frat

  • CarsonLMcLean

    They should have stopped while they were ahead. Now it will come crashing down when the movie fails.

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