THE LS, the self-sterilizing baby bottle Now Crowdfunding on Indiegogo

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THE LS, the self-sterilizing baby bottle Now Crowdfunding on Indiegogo

UPDATE: 09/09/15

Gratzup launched its Indiegogo campaign to fund the manufacturing of the LS, a self-sterilizing baby bottle that could save thousands of children from lethal gastrointestinal diseases.

New York, 31st July 2015 – Mauro Gazzelli and Shairin Sihabdeen, founders of GratzUp Corp, are asking the crowd to fund their ambitious project: manufacture a baby bottle capable of sterilizing itself and its content without using chemicals, gas nor electricity.

As per the World Health Organization latest report, 2.5 billion of people do not have access to sanitation and 748 million do not have clear water. This results in 4,000 children dying every day for gastrointestinal disease.

“A couple of years ago we found ourselves in a bar talking about how being born in one place instead of another can affect someone’s entire life. There are mothers that look at their children dreaming about becoming grandmothers one day; there are mothers for whom seeing their child taking the first step is a rare privilege.

That evening we started to sketch our Ls prototype and our project made the first little step. Driven by the enthusiasm we started asking our friends for help and thanks to everyone’s effort we got the first baby bottle prototype manufactured, tested and patented.”

The LS solves the problem of waterborne infections and can be used by mothers in underdeveloped countries to safely feed their children. It doesn’t require any chemical or special handling as its shape lets it reach sterilization temperature just by being put on a fire.

As of Today, GratzUp has 800 and counting followers on FB and more than a thousand people are checking them out on Indiegogo. People are responding incredibly well. Everyone can be part of this project. You be the next!!

“Please give your Contribute and share our project with people you know!”

A very little effort can make a great difference

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