Swivel Point HD Recording Goggles and Sunglasses Unveils on Indiegogo

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Swivel Point HD Recording Goggles and Sunglasses Unveils on Indiegogo

December 12, 2015— Swivel Point is a line of sunglasses and goggles that allows users to record their surroundings in 1080P HD video with just a touch of a button.

Designed and created by Rob Shute, Swivel Point debuts on Indiegogo to raise a total of $50,000, which will go towards the initial production run on the Swivel Point goggles and sunglasses.

Aside from HD camera, Swivel Point also has Bluetooth technology for listening to music and answering calls. It also can connect to WiFi to stream live video into the user’s smartphone.

Swivel Point comes in specially designed sunglasses and goggles. The frames are ergonomically designed based on three-dimensional scans of head shapes to ensure fit and comfort for a wide range of face shapes. The sunglasses have a half-rim, wrap-around design that snugly fits around the space without applying a lot of pressure on the nose for comfort.

Swivel Point Sunglasess Video HD from Rob Shute on Vimeo.

It can record video for up to 3 hours of footage, with 120 degree wide angle capabilities, and saves directly to the SD card. The audio as well is high definition, while the volume is specially calibrated to be easily adjustable without harming the eardrum and allowing users to still hear ambient sounds.

Both the sunglasses and goggles have a strategically placed ON/OFF/REC button, a WiFi button, camera lens, camera LED indicator, charge LED indicator, WiFi LED indicator, microphone, micro SD card slot, USB port, and reset button. They are also fully compatible with iPhones, Android, and most Bluetooth devices.

Meanwhile, the lenses for the goggles are anti-fog, making them perfect for a wide range of sporting activities and environments. The frames for the sunglasses come in black, white, and camo, and suits both men and women. The lens colors come in polarized dark, clear, yellow, pink, and blue. The sunglasses come in different designs, such as the Signature Edition, and Trailblazer. The goggles, meanwhile come in Winter Hero and Motor Cross-style.

“The idea to create Swivel Point sunglasses and goggles actually came to me when I had an unfortunate accident while downhill mountain biking and when I went over the handle bars and landed on my helmet, I got up and discovered that the camera on my helmet had been damaged beyond repair,” shares Shute. From here on, he thought of integrating a camera into his sunglasses or sports goggles. He looked around in the market and saw that there are not a lot to choose from. He didn’t like the design and the price.

He adds, “They looked too bulky, heavy, and uncomfortable and were too expensive for me and so I thought why not come up with my own design and then search for a manufacturing partner and see if they can make them for me.”

With the help of the crowdfunding community, Shute will be able to produce ergonomic and reasonably priced goggles and sunglasses that people can use every day or for sporting or outdoor activities.

In return, he has prepared perks for backers, which includes Swivel Point glasses, as well as special combos and packages. He has also prepared special distributor tiers for those who are interested to distribute Swivel Point.
To find out more, visit the Swivel Point website.

About Swivel Point
Swivel Point Sunglasses are sunglasses and goggles that will record whatever you see in 1080P HD video with touch of button.

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