Sixth Sense Revolutionizes Traffic and Vehicle Tracking on Indiegogo

Mike Gonzalez September 1, 2015 Comments Off on Sixth Sense Revolutionizes Traffic and Vehicle Tracking on Indiegogo
Sixth Sense Revolutionizes Traffic and Vehicle Tracking on Indiegogo

UPDATED: 08/10/15

July 29, 2015— Technology has advanced so much that mobile phones can tell apps every user’s exact location in real time. However, this is not the case with vehicles, especially emergency response vehicles where time is very critical.

Therefore, Rando Hütt has launched an Indiegogo campaign to create attachable devices for number plates with GPS functions. The project aims to raise €800,000 in approximately two months. This will go towards fabrication and manufacturing of the location tracking device that they are calling as Sixth Sense.

According to Hütt, “Such system could save mileage in real time, loses blind spots in mirrors and eliminates car thefts. From work heading to way home would be sufficient about simple glance to digital map for finding out where there are no traffic jams. It is possible to see from GPS screen where other vehicles are around and report their impolite behavior.” In addition, vehicle rental companies can also use this technology to track their locations.

Hütt sees that this vehicle tracking in license plates will provide plenty of benefits to various industries and organizations, such as government, drivers, insurance, freight, transport, and logistics companies. He has studied Oracle database management and ERD creation, and he has been in the transport and logistics industry for the past five years. Now, he channels this into this new project, which he hopes to revolutionize the face of traffic and GPS technologies.

Sixth Sense would require digital sensors for number plates, navigation devices in vehicles, servers, and creation of web solution. In return, it will allow plenty of security and monitoring of vehicles on the road.

The technology developer adds examples of benefits, “Imagine that you crash and do not know where you are located. You call 911 and you’ll be replied that help is already on the way. Navigation system users can then free the road for emergency vehicles early on. The use of such a solution would provide savings in job losses of parking clerks, an increase in the police and fire department responsiveness and loosing requirement of speed cameras.” Furthermore, it can greatly help traffic and allow people to report their locations in real time.

In return for supporting the campaign, backers will receive rewards such as stickers, project pen, and key rings that are all customized and exclusive for Indiegogo backers.

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About Sixth Sense
Sixth Sense is a line of GPS-like devices for licence plates.

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