Shapeways White, Strong & Flexible 3D Printing

Mike Gonzalez January 26, 2013 14

Shapeways White, Strong & Flexible 3D Printing

This video shows the 3D Printing process of ‘White, Strong & Flexible’ – the strongest thermoplastic material that we have at the moment. The material is a polyamide 12, powder. The machine used is an EOS Formiga P100 SLS machine. SLS stands for Selective Laser Sintering and this is the 3D printing process used by the Formiga.

  • Shapeways

    Like Bill said, don’t inhale it..

  • Marco Maltese

    Ye I guess you don’t need gloves to manipulate the objects printed 😉
    But I’m a bit scared about all that dust…

  • Shapeways

    The material is Nylon 12, Polyamide, the same basic material used in cosmetics such as mascara and lipstick. No need for gloves in handling the 3d printed products from shapeways.

  • Marco Maltese

    Is it safe to not use any gloves? After all it’s still all chemical shit…

  • piplup2009

    I got my shapeways order in 2 days! from the Netherlands to the uk

  • cissell111

    Saying that the printer “missed” detail is like saying a calculator got Pi wrong because it only displayed it to the 8th place after the decimal.

  • duann scott

    The dust is not toxic, it is nylon, a very similar compound used by the cosmetic industry in lipstick and eyeshadow.

  • JeremyGrave

    is it possible to make a mask through this process?

  • Shapeways

    you will need to experiment to see what kind of threads work

  • DarkHeroesProduction

    ordered a cool lookin Transformer head from them. But There’s a lot of stuff that needs to be done after recieving it. It’s such a small head that sanding it will be a pain in the butt, and it almost looks like the printer missed a lil detail on the face, it’s hard to tell. Still pretty cool they do this.

  • duann scott

    ok, let’s keep making cool stuff until then….

  • BadBunnyRides

    …Dec 21, 2012, EOS Formiga P100 SLS becomes Self Aware. In a panic Shapeways tries to shut it off. Formiga retaliates by unleashing killer-cyber-robots it has been creating on it’s lunch breaks. Within six months 90% of the Human Race is wiped out…the remaining 10% can still make cool stuff.

  • slydevil392

    We’ll be printing pets in no time!

  • tiphoonvG

    This is the first step to beaming.

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