Romantically Apocalyptic IndieGogo Campaign Vid

Mike Gonzalez January 24, 2013 42

QUICK, CAPTEIN NEEDS YOUR HELP! Help us raise enough funds to print a proper number of comic books, finish our first live-action episode and create an official RA soundtrack album here: All video and artwork used with permission of respective owners. Comic artwork is owned by Vitaly S. Alexius.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Jenni Roesberry

    oh ok, was that part of the plan or was he just there and said it and you decided to leave it in?

    but anyway you did a wonderful job advertising Romantically Apocalyptic, I like how your voice is both mixture of both calm and exited 🙂

  • Matthew Oglesby

    Nandy says “three” actually 🙂

  • Jenni Roesberry

    Romantically Apocalyptic is such a great comic.

    btw love how you say “Three Years” Matt, it’s make me giggle

  • Zee Person

    It sounds like a guy when it talks in the last part of the video….

  • Matthew Oglesby

    Not in stores YET, but this is the first step, of course. Glad you found it inspiring: good luck with your own project!

  • Homemadegameguru

    I find your Indiegogo campaign inspiring. I just found out about your campaign today after researching Indiegogo for my upcoming children’s comic book. Seeing someone from Toronto exceeding their goal so superbly gives me hope for my possible project. Everyone goes on and on about Kickstarter and it is good to see an option that allows Canadians to succeed (and actually register).
    I would love to pick your brain one day over beer (my treat) to learn about your success. Is your book in stores?

  • SonicSonedit


  • NerezaDarkBlood

    makes seance and cant wait to see what you and the other staff of romantically apocalyptic come up with.
    I don’t mind the wait art takes time there no two ways around that.

  • vitalysalexius

    When I’m traveling to conventions I’m not able to draw full new pages- RA is too detailed for that.
    When the 2012 captain’s comicon world tour ends in December, there will be lots and lots of pages from me again.

  • NerezaDarkBlood

    yes I guess I was referring to the guest comics when I was mentioning some of the fan work .. don’t get me wrong not all the fan work is bad mind you, it great to let more talented artist get known, and there were a few excellent fan pages.. but there are quite a bit of guess artist that don’t mesh well with the type of art style and plot the comic usually portrays and sometimes makes them fell quit out of place in the context of the story…

    none the less I’m still a fan till the end.

  • MesonoxianicV2


  • kitchsc

    they should make a tv show out of this

  • Matthew Oglesby

    I’m not sure what you mean by “gone to the fans”? The vision was always about the spirit of collaboration and exploring new things. If you mean guest comics, that’s because we’re always trying to give exceptional artists (who are also fans) a few moments in the limelight. Also, with people screaming from one side for Captein to visit more comicons, and on the other side for more regular comics, we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. If you mean Stalky, well, that was a contest!

  • NerezaDarkBlood

    I’m both worried and quite existed about the new updates
    I’m a huge fan of the comic among other things and I bought some things from your tables in the past.

    one of the only thing I’m worried about is that recently the comic has really gone to the fans… witch can be both good and bad .. it nice that fans have a input and can collab with the artist of RA. but at the same time the comic is beginning to lose some of the look and fell and humor that I grown to love about it.

  • Vajsmilan

    Yes, voice from que Sera Sera would be prefect! 😀

  • HexelColorado

    Okay, well, if your making an effort to make it awesome, then I’m happy 🙂

    RA has always to me had a dark theme, even before the Cancer/Biomass plot. Because before that it had a sense of loneliness, void, nothing except one man and his insane captain. Actually, to be honest, I think it’s become less dark and more carefree with the recent comics, what with all the girly romance of engie, and that feeling of void and loneliness going away as more and more characters start appearing.

  • Matthew Oglesby

    Well, back when these clips were created there was no Cancer/Biomass plot to darken the theme of the comic, and the footage reflects the careless comedy aspect of the earlier stuff. The live-action will always exist in parallel to the main comic, so we will likely start small and let the drama unfold naturally over time.

    Regarding Captain’s voice, well, there’s Que Sera Sera for proper take on that 😀

  • HexelColorado

    Well, at least it’s encouraging to hear your aware how awful it looks right now. The little clips don’t match the dark theme of the comics, and the movement and voice sounds too exaggerated. But how will you find the right voice for Zee Captein?

  • Matthew Oglesby

    That’s why we need the money, we have a lot of improvements to make. Tbh, most of the footage/VOs so far are experiments and placeholders.

  • MedamineBoto

    You Stop playing :/ why ???????

  • teampback

    When is it coming out?

  • TheSASNemikarXII

    lepsi je jahudkovej nez pomerancovej ! 😀

  • 25woodfb


  • TheStefholic


  • joka771994

    where is play with soul 2 if its out can someone link me to it i know this video was released in April but yea

  • goldenBOY1zation

    got support from me,and also I tweetet it 🙂

  • cromdabeast

    cant wait for it. u are a beast

  • xB3Gx4xM3RCYx

    What version of Infected Mushroom – Saeed is that at the end?

  • Max Kostyuk.

    Nu I gde?

  • Dane Ridley

    Can’t wait for mazadox 2 ahah, it would mean a lot if you could check out my top 10 best fragmovies ever on my channel, just released… but yeah can’t waiit mazarini! 🙂

  • VioSalez2

    Why you stop play Call Of Duty 4?!

  • Mazarin1k

    I starter working on it some time ago but i cant tell when it will be released. I dont want to promise something like that like last time. Sorry i wont giveaway no info about release date at all. WHen ill know it, ill put it in trailer

  • Aurimas97

    hey man i loved your playing with souls vid and i especially liked the animation in it and i hope to be an animator when i finish school and go in to university. If could donate i could but i cant so its just a like and a favourite from me.

  • PoKeR839


  • TehDwelleR

    Tropicana is the fuel for play with soul!

  • persezyra

    u must really like your orange juice is on every damn vid xD

  • AtomicOne13


  • sydnzor

    zdarova, was mojno skidivat’?


    Shut up and take my money (joke)

  • Styllerz

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  • ThePrdelak

    Toma Orange Juice powa:D:D

  • Styllerz


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