Road Bandit S1.02 Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving, advertising, Q13 Fox, BlogTalkRadio, IndieGoGo, Chris Hopp

Mike Gonzalez March 27, 2013 18


Road Bandit S1.02 Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving, advertising, Q13 Fox, BlogTalkRadio, IndieGoGo, Chris Hopp Suit and fly high with Road Bandit at Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving. If you have not tried it, put it down on your bucket list. It’s perfect for all ages, just make sure you’re ready to smile and have the time of your life! Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving-http What is RB-Road Bandit is an interactive RV series site that features unique people and places around the country. It ‘a simple man with a simple plan, live life and love life. It wants to take you along for the ride. Extra, Extra, read all about it-Road Bandit is all the buzz, and the news there-check out this week’s Q-13 Fox News Coverage of Road These chicks know the Biz, and ‘ we are talking about the best Social Media throughout the month to find out how Facebook, Twitter, and other social biz buzz can send your sky high structure. Blog Talk Radio Interview road TheBizChicks IndieGoGo-Since people are not standing on the street this afternoon giving away free HD cameras and portable … Road Bandit has partnered with the world leader in Crowd Funding: IndieGoGo. com. Check it out, even if you can not donate, hit the feature, it’s a nice way to say “capable boy, I like your style -. If you are looking for a playlist of songs early Chris- Hopp ‘bringin the best of the rest’ with its avant garde texts and sound unprecedented in this week’s “Eye of the Bandit” – the title of the song: “Come Over” Written and Performed by
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Into 2fur1 Web Series IndieGoGo campaign! IndieGoGo CAMPAIGN LINK: Please donate to help the second season of 2fur1 web series in production for film! Sign up! COMPANY PRODUCTION: 2FUR1 WEB SITE EFFECT SERIES http: FACEBOOK TWITTER: @ Jahnna_Randall Instagram: @ Jahnna_Randall BLOG: MUSIC Boxin up (Dick in a box parody) ~ LIST OF FILMS IN THIS VIDEO ~ 2FUR1 WEB SERIES: MUSIC VIDEO SEAPLANE: puppies and tiaras: FACEBOOK TIMELINE spoof / parody: FALSE FILM SHORT POCKET DIAL: POCKET DIAL DORITOS: CHIHUAHUA’S DORITOS CHIPS: whywaitproductions . com Boxin IT UP – Dick in a Box parody: 2Fur1 Season 1 Trailer: MACBOOK PRO RETINA REVIEW: AUDIO / SOUND REVIEW: ALL WOMEN AIR RACE 2012: PICO FILM BLAST VS TABLE DOLLY DOLLY: DIY Camera Stabilizer, Table Dolly, and Snorricam-Sample Footage: Online Dating gone wrong: Canon T3i VS opinion of T4I: IPHONE 5 REVIEW / unboxing: youtu. be Equipment used: Canon t4i / 650D Canon T3i / 600D Premiere Pro CS5.5 After Effects CS5.5 Audio Technica AT897 Zoom H4n
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  • spamstoper3

    5 **********

  • loctia1

    i love cats ordered applause hunter

  • Nickie4you

    Thanks for the frindship! We look forward to seeing more of your videos and maybe meet up somewhere 🙂 Warning!

  • MACSMovies

    Have cat, will travel! Love it! ♥ Kitty

  • VampirePrincess4jc

    I want to try …. IS! xD lol, oh and u should come to texas: 3 lol

  • VampirePrincess4jc

    I want to try …. IS! xD lol

  • LostandFoundTravel

    By day I am a graphic designer, so … I can not resist those things.

  • TheNoisyBoyz

    Noo was Big Wet Asses 3 XD

  • RoadBanditUSA

    Thanks Cindy …. I need all the luck I can get 🙂

  • RoadBanditUSA

    Thank you and will do 🙂

  • RoadBanditUSA

    Yes My Tiger Woods hole-in-one Happy Punch 🙂

  • RoadBanditUSA

    I’m trying to keep the camper pretty clean outside as they do not want to attract the wrong kind of attention. It ‘s just me and my cat and for security reasons I do so I do not have a goal for the wrong people. But I like the way you think 🙂

  • RoadBanditUSA

    yes in my hand right now … the ads are too distracting

  • RoadBanditUSA

    Make It Happen Sheefybaby 🙂

  • RoadBanditUSA

    Thank you very much … I’m definitely having the time of my life right meow 🙂

  • RoadBanditUSA

    lol what porn … was Debbie Does Indoor Skydiving? 🙂

  • RoadBanditUSA

    Thanx I had this idea for more than a year before I shot him. Those stripe cards drive me nuts when I walk the strip.

  • RoadBanditUSA

    Thank you and I have no idea where this project can take me but I’m giving it my all.

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