Revolutionary Food-Tracking System Launches Campaign on Indiegogo

Mike Gonzalez November 6, 2014 Comments Off on Revolutionary Food-Tracking System Launches Campaign on Indiegogo
Revolutionary Food-Tracking System Launches Campaign on Indiegogo

UPDATED: 11/06/14

October 8, 2014— The YuScale System is a revolutionary food-tracking system that determines the nutritional value of every meal. Kim Simon Kreutz, Ingo Wullner, and Mike Lohmann, Co-Founders of YuScale, have launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise €50,000 from September 26 to November 17, in order for them to start the initial production line of the YuScale device and the accompanying app.

The Germany-based team has created YuScale to precisely and comprehensively track eating habits through the YuScale device and app. According to Kreutz, other dietary tracking systems require users to weigh each of the ingredients in a meal, which can be time-consuming and inconvenient. He adds, “In contrast to other nutritional apps and diet scales on the market, the YuScale System is capable of determining the composition of ready-to-eat dishes…[It] is the perfect companion for nearly all diets or change of eating habits and helps you reach your goal step by step. Moreover the YuScale System replaces the improper estimation of carbohydrates for people with diabetes by precise measurements.”

YuScale is the first of its kind in the sense that users can determine the nutritional values of food whether or not they have already been prepared or not. Thus, users can bring YuScale in restaurants or other food establishments and use the specially designed paired YuScale app on their mobile devices to find out their caloric and nutritional intake.

The system is ideal for people suffering for diabetes because they do not need to calculate for carbohydrates in each meal and from that calculate for their required insulin intake. The System thus helps avoid over and under doses.

The system works by allowing users to weigh their whole meal on the YuScale and take a picture of the meal, which will automatically be saved in the user’s food diary. From the photo, the shapes of the ingredients will then be traced with a finger, and labels will assigned by the users. From there, the YuScale app will then identify the weight composition of each ingredient as well as the caloric ad nutritional values. Another remarkable feature of YuScale is that if users have any leftovers, they would have to weigh the plate again and from there determine the exact actual nutritional values of the meal.

According to Kreutz, “We are working on this project for more than the last 3 years and we invested a lot of time, know how, nerves and money. Together we represent more than 30 years of experience and skills in our business and we are convinced that YuScale can support so many people and will change their lives.” According to Kreutz, 50% off the proceeds collected will go to production of approximately a thousand YuScales; 20% will go to the design and manufacturing of the injection mold; 10% to manpower; 5% to the server structure and applications, while 15% will go to the refinement of the YuScale app.

In return, backers of the campaign will get YuScale shirts, as well as the early bird-exclusive versions of YuScales and the YS App. Aside from this, backers can also get up to 5 years of free memberships, as well as any future online specials and developments.
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The YuScale System is the one and only scale/app product on the market, capable to determine the nutrition and composition of a complete meal—simple, secure and fast.

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