Punching Indiegogo Update #2

Mike Gonzalez March 21, 2013 17

Help us make this movie! indiegogo.com Music provided by audiomicro.com

  • chikncowz

    Coop, do u even lift?

  • BronsoIo

    Shoot me a message, imma mail you the $20 I failed to donate in time. keep the change…. buy yourself somethin’ noice!

  • Graysonfball77

    get fucked

  • soulleskill

    Right on man!!

  • BryceTheNavajo

    Man…I wish I could donate some money…Is there any other way I could help out and apply my many talents?

  • Blaine Jones

    This movie places above GTA V in things i’m looking forward to. I hope you know that!

  • AdamBarker89

    hey there guys,was wondering if i donate if ur able to help out our youtube channel? we are still growing and its hard to spread our vids around, id be more then happy to donate if you could possble help us out, either who ill be donating 😀 taker eazy guys hope to hear back

  • SayHelloKillcam

    Thought it was a penis.

  • pinky0090


  • lilnjdevil116

    wait i still dont understand 1 thing, what did the thermometer look like?

  • smashbroseph

    Donating gave me a boner!

  • rodeocyclone

    …and enough left over to buy the crew a bunch of double cheeseburgers and McChickens.

  • Fronk2107

    Woke up to that this morning. So overwhelming- we couldn’t be happier.  Thank you everyone!

  • fullmetal03

    Did you guys notice that you made it past your goal? How effing awesome is that?

  • Fronk2107


  • Fronk2107

    Thanks so much!!!

  • Fronk2107

    Oliver, you’re the best.

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