“Planet Weird” IndieGoGo Pitch : Help Us Make a Film, Get Awesome Stuff!

Mike Gonzalez March 11, 2013 9

Planet Weird: A Documentary About Engaging the Strange – www.indiegogo.com Have you ever been curious as to why things go bump in the night instead of the day? Wondered if curses actually worked.. and if they were even legal? Sat awake at night and pondered the existence of alien life.. and why they want to stick things in our butts so badly? So have we. For the past 15 years, the cast and crew of Planet Weird have traversed North America on hundreds of paranormal adventures in search of everything from legendary monsters to mind bending psychic phenomena, covering everything in between. If there’s one thing they can agree when it comes to exploring the unexplained, and trust me, there’s probably only one thing, it’s that there are plenty of questions left unanswered. Planet Weird aims to solve these problems by completely immersing the gang in the legends in a way that no else ever has. Rather than simply look for the evidence, the team attempts to become the evidence. Can we learn to harness our latent mental powers to become the psychic super soldiers reminiscent of secret government projects? What can we learn about the causes of UFO hysteria by creating one of our own? Can we contact the spirit of a dead man.. if that man never even existed? These are just some of the questions that Planet Weird will tackle as we seek to uncover some of the world’s most iconic mysteries through a distinct blend of research, experimentation, and humorous self-sacrifice. When simply
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  • granniecathy

    I’m subscribed. … ready !!

  • ParaBreakdown

    I love this channel – Keep up the great work, Greg!!!

  • Supersnailification

    My God! This looks GLORIOUS!!

  • AlisonCharles


  • TheHauntedHighways

    Just saw this on Disinfo. If this is just the demo I can’t wait to see the final result. Keep up the good work

  • SexyBeardedJesus

    Just made my donation. Looking forward to my copy of The Bigfoot Hunter.


  • TheFrigginKing666

    Fuckin awesome! I can’t wait to see this! Have watched you ages and its about time someone makes something better than that shit on television.

  • SantiLeyva

    Um… Why the clip from Marble Hornets at the end?

  • ItsStrict

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