Nik Wallenda IndieGoGo Campaign Video for Niagara Falls

Mike Gonzalez February 28, 2013 36
Nik Wallenda IndieGoGo Campaign Video for Niagara Falls

Nik Wallenda IndieGoGo Campaign Video for Niagara Falls

Nik Wallenda’s IndieGoGo video for his campaign to help support his walk across Niagara Fall

s on June 15, 2012.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This is the overview video for our crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. Go here for more details:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • Robert Smith

    Please check out my page at Indiegogo. I really need help from others to make this come true. There is only 5 days left on the campaign. Thanks and God bless.


  • MrNorthernCountry

    The tether was forced on him in order for the permission to do the walk. He wasn’t Niks choice. Look for the many videos of Nik doing walks without a tether including lying down on the wire and riding a bike on a wire.

  • Robin Guddat

    Dear folks, it´s great to see that there are so many people who help others in need today. I hope there will be some people who would or could help me, too. So please visit my indiegogo project: indiegogo. com/ projects/139019?c=home&a=767051 (just delete the spaces after pasting the link into your browser, please) Thank you very much for viewing and sharing my project if you can´t help me with a contribution.

  • bungalowlegs

    What is a therth ?

  • petracryo

    How to do die with a tether?

  • Krishnan Vijayan

    Hi Nik Wallenda,

    You have taught the people what is consistency and everything is possible if stay focused.

  • Candace Delesie

    Good job Nik, thats fucken sick! Wowwwwww. :O

  • djbaruch

    Nick is bigger then houdini last night was the best TV entertainment I have ever watched in 29 years great job DJ Baruch (Toronto, Ontario).

  • achonies

    i don’t think anybody actually crossed directly over the falls. he said so himself. that being said, still nobody has ever crossed the falls without being tethered. still pretty amazing nonetheless. dean potter should do it on a one inch thick wire and hands free.

  • petracryo

    I would have tried it though. I mean, it might as well have been 2 feet off the ground above pillows. Is it impressive he made it? Yes. But it wasnt the life or death feat ABC was making it look like.

  • fullspectrum1971

    Your right…but he still made it across! Harness or no harness. That ain’t no bullshit!

  • videocircus

    Mankind is always drawn towards doing things that are said can’t be done, Nik just proved one of those things “Can be done”.

    It is the FREE SPIRIT of man that drives us to persue the unkown and the unseen. I have no debate with that.

  • petracryo

    Wow, crossing it wearing a saftey harness, such a feat, *rolls eyes*. That being said, he didnt want it, ABC made him. So ABC hyped up something that turned out to be bullshit.  People wanted to watch because the element of death was such a big possiblity, but when they saw the saftey harness, all of a sudden it became lame and boring. Anybody could attempt it with a saftey harness.

  • Kathleen Lewis

    I miss my home Niagara Falls I married and moved to Albany Ny. Big mistake! It is refeshing to see a real man of God!!! And to know that God has been with him in his talent!!! God Bless you and your family to made them proud today and used God’s gift You made the Father proud as well

  • skust1975

    Congratulations Nik! You are truly blessed. Dont listen to the haters talking about the tether. Like you said you didnt need it. You inspired me tonight! God Bless You!

  • Kathleen Lewis

    You go Nick Great man of God!!! Iprayed for protection and sucess the whole time!!! Congrads!!! All Glory to God!!!

  • insomniajones

    blueCC006, Don’t you have something better to do? Are you seriously saying it wasn’t televised and they tried to keep it a secret? Apparently you didn’t watch the entire thing on tv, because he talked about it. He had No choice but to wear it. Then again, he didn’t need it, did he? It was an amazing feat. Now go find your blocks and build something. Stop bashing a man who has set a world record. What you write just says a lot about you and your total lack of character.

  • RonMacyda

    0:53 – Did you just say “looking acrossed”?

  • Karen Russell

    left out that i have been a school teacher for thirty years and would love to help you out in some way Karen Russell

  • tracey jackson

    where can i buy one from,i live in england i use mine for vlogs this looks amazing

  • Robert Smith

    Please check out my page at Indiegogo. I really need help from others to make this come true. There is only 5 days left on the campaign. Thanks and God bless.


  • indiegogoscam

    indiegogo sucks, they are a ripoff

  • James Lewis

    I would love to use this for filming surfing. If I were to put the marker in a waterproof bag, would it still communicate with the base? what is the approximate range (distance)?

  • satariistar

    swivl dot com to buy one

  • satariistar

    swivl dot com

  • satariistar

    Go to swivl dot com to buy one

  • Awsomewierdguy11

    were do i buy one? cant find it on the link


    This is genius guys! Well done Satarii. I’ll be buying one for sure!

  • CelosTV

    This would be crazy for video.

  • xDProductionzDx


  • trucksd1


  • Cosplaypro101


  • Kenny Kaden


  • bfeilberg

    Yes Shaytards brought me here, and I’m glad they did !!! This is genius !! The only bad thing about this is that I probably have to wait a few years before I can buy this 🙁
    Do you guys know how much it’s gonna cost ? 🙂

  • TheWaterboy818

    i know, but i meant if i needed a camera for vlogging or something i would buy this for it.

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