NightDrive Eyewear Doubles Funding Goal Only a Week After Indiegogo Launch

Mike Gonzalez August 23, 2015 Comments Off on NightDrive Eyewear Doubles Funding Goal Only a Week After Indiegogo Launch
NightDrive Eyewear Doubles Funding Goal Only a Week After Indiegogo Launch

JULY 7, 2015— For most drivers, driving in at night can be challenging, even more so when it’s raining or snowing. In fact, there are more accidents that happen at night than during day time. Oncoming bright headlights and the haloing effect brought by light reflecting on rain can be enough to distort the vision of the road, which can be dangerous for drivers and passengers alike.

This is why John Galley, after trying on almost every kind of eyewear, has decided to create his own solution with NightDrive, a pair of interchangeable lenses that are specially designed for night driving.

Galley unveils his solution on Indiegogo, as he seeks support and funding from the crowdfunding community. His Indiegogo campaign, aims to raise $5,000 starting July and ending in early August, has already twice exceeded the goal after only a week since its launch.

NightDrive is a hybrid night driving eyeglass that has interchangeable lenses and are specially designed to be durable, stylish, and perfect for night driving. The lenses are made of high-quality poly-carbonate material with special oleophobic coating that repels skin oils to make it easy to remove smudges. The lenses are also anti-reflective and super anti-scratch on both sides. Meanwhile, the TR90, gunmetal grey open frame provides unhindered vision and the wrap-around style helps reduce unfiltered light.

NightDrive has also successfully passed an Impact Resistance test and Penetration Resistance test to ANSI Z87.1-2003 Standard. It also has a micro-fiber bag that can double as a cleaning cloth, and an eyewear case with the NightDrive logo.

According to Galley, the benefits of his NightDrive eyewear are:

Cost-effective, customized choice that brings together the best of the two previously most popular solutions for night driving
Safe to choose between two lenses while driving
Yellow-tinted lenses provides superior vision experience while driving in foggy, misty, and snowy conditions
Provides safety, confidence, and personal well-being that are important while driving at night

According to Galley, he decided to create night driving glasses based on the support he received from his record-breaking Indiegogo campaign for his sunglasses in 2014. “This significant interest from [the crowdfunding community’s] part made me more keenly aware that night driving vision is a real challenge and concern for many—and not just for me,” shares Galley.

He is especially keen on this new project after his recent cataract surgery, which made night driving much more challenging for him. He adds, “I set out to find a workable solution to help with the problem of nigh driving vision—only to discover a new problem.” The most popular solution are the yellow-tinted (amber) lenses, which eye doctors don’t recommend because of its counterproductive effect to the eyes. It reduces the available night time light, so eye doctors instead recommend high-quality, clear lenses with a good anti-reflective coating.

In addition to NighDrive, Galley will also be giving a bonus to Indiegogo backers a bonus, which is a free set of sunglass lenses so that users can enjoy NightDrive even at daytime driving. These are all available through the Indiegogo campaign, where backers can pre-order their own NightDrive eyewear sets.

To find out more, visit NightDrive.

About NightDrive
NightDrive Eyewear is made and owned by SeeingEye Eyewear – a Company devoted to creating and offering eyewear that meets specific needs in unique and innovative ways.

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