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Mike Gonzalez March 7, 2013 17

The robotic stand for iPads and tablets that lets you look around and interact with remote environments Support to KUBI by pre-ordering here: We hold daily demos, to schedule a time, email us at
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • lebasson

    Do babies not knock over this stand?

  • Xerond

    Great idea, can’t wait to experience this.

  • RevolveRobotics

    KUBI does have an internal battery. It allows for up to 4 hours of battery life. There is also an AC adapter so for when you do have a plug nearby and to charge.

  • Brad Beatty

    I want one with medication management for elderly parents!

  • TheCFJB

    Happy B-Day 🙂

  • Rita Williams

    Happy belate B-day Noah!!! I know you’ll make your goals, this one and every other one you set! Luv your talent and personality!

  • MrStratguy1

    You should cover “Big Love” by Fleetwood Mac, but the version off “The Dance” album

  • Chelsygirlify

    We have the same bday, just different year. Thats cool.

  • Brenton Smith

    Please do a cover of skinny love…

  • madai morales tamayo

    happy birthday Noah , I love your name !! :D

  • Benjaminrh1

    dude i just found out about you a couple days ago and i cant get enough . thank you and i really hope you can reach your goal . also i think you would kill halleluiah . thanks again

  • angela hetrick

    no way my sister’s birthday was that day too!

  • Mario Ballotelli

    can you pleas do a cover of radioactiv by imagine dragons? 😀

  • glitchrocker66


  • thomaspaul lamore

    MONEY FOR MUSIC!!! Love the tunes!!! Good stuff!!! I would be more than happy to help you get to your money goal if needed. Dont ever stop doing your music. twozeroeightsevenfouroneninefourdoublesix. Also maybe you’d like playing a couple good paying shows. anyway good luck man!!

  • TheDivingDevil3

    A tip for a new song: rythm of love – plain white t’s

  • Wade Frank

    Good kush an alcohol by lil wayne should b you next song u’d kill it

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