Introducing the Plug & Play Screamer – An Indiegogo Project from Screaming Banshee

Mike Gonzalez February 3, 2013 16

Introducing the Plug & Play Screamer! Its Small, Easy to install, and it may just save your life one day! The Plug & Play Screamer is the ONLY dual volume, all in one horn and headlight warning system for cars and motorbikes. Check out more on our Project Page!
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Now available at, the Scrubba Wash Bag is a compact and lightweight device for washing clothes while travelling or camping. With the Scrubba Wash Bag, you no longer need to find a washing machine or Laundromat. All you need is a few litres of water and some washing liquid, body wash or shampoo. The Scrubba Wash Bag allows you to wash your clothes where you want, when you want and for free. The answer to how to wash clothes when traveling.
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  • Short Bus

    Well, surely you know I did not miss the point, and I am sure you are aware that ony a few of the people that purchase the product will use it appropriately. For those that do use it appropriately, it could indeed be a life saver. But mark my words, do not scale up your business fast and do not go into debt to fund it. For as soon as business starts to pick up and look good and profits start rolling in, your product will be banned. Game over. Good luck.

  • Banshee Horn

    I’m sorry that you feel that way Short Bus but clearly you missed the whole concept of the product. The idea is to use your stock horn 99% of the time for polite “beeps”. Only rarely would one need to use the super loud horn, but when they do need to use it, its there and ready to be easily deployed.
    Anyone who plans to use the system purely for noise pollution is better off just buying a train horn, not this system. That way every time they so much as tap the horn it will blast everyone.

  • Short Bus

    That is a menace to the streets. Have you ever been to a place where there are a lot of motorbikes, like in Indonesia and China. The sound is horrendous. The world does not need louder horns from bikes !!!

    You have simply created a more disturbing experience on the roads for most people for the joyment of a few (the rider). Those horns will be BANNED, it is just a matter of time. They will be banned just as you start to become profitable and successful. Bad business idea.

  • pajmorde

    unnecessary.. if you have soap, 2 hands and warm water… USE THEM ♥

  • BackpackingDiplomacy

    Interesting concept. I definitely see the need for such a product and it is an interesting approach.


    Interesting idea

  • DrahcirLXIV

    This nigga right here, sexy as fuck.

  • Robert Smith

    Please check out my page at Indiegogo. I really need help from others to make this come true. There is only 5 days left on the campaign. Thanks and God bless.


  • Robin Guddat

    Dear folks, it´s great to see that there are so many people who help others in need today. I hope there will be some people who would or could help me, too. So please visit my indiegogo project: indiegogo. com/ projects/139019?c=home&a=767051 (just delete the spaces after pasting the link into your browser, please) Thank you very much for viewing and sharing my project if you can´t help me with a contribution.

  • 24540082

    It’s a good idea, but I was doing he same with two bin bags back in the 80’s so the thought of parting with 40 bucks makes me weep when I know I can get by with out one, good luck thought

  • SquirrelFromGradLife

    well using a dry bag for washing have been the standard for years…you bring dry bags for storing your clothes and sleeping bag etc…

  • machiavelli316bg

    you can do the same thing with a general bag and your hands….

  • yaelbhaar

    Really cool, too expensive……..but worth it?

  • Sonia Papadouri

    Sorry but if I have the water and the soap, why don’t I wash with my two hands???

  • ThePerfectionist123

    bull shit

  • Will Montgomery


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