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Mike Gonzalez January 28, 2013 18 Since the beginning of the project Road Bandit has relied entirely on the funding from freelance production work. We have invested every dollar we have to build the successes we’ve shared so far, and now Road Bandit is ready to go to the next level. With the next level comes sustainable production costs. In addition to this effort on IndieGoGo, we are seeking funding from foundations and individuals. We are appealing to you for a donation in any amount to help us keep Road Bandit road bound and help see the project through it’s first official full season, set to commence on March 1, 2011.

  • LaiguemarinAn

    Respect !!!..and a bit of jealousy too.. for doing what’s been on mind for ages… 🙁 ….:))

  • AshHaze27

    High five to your fun project. Looks like you are having fun.
    {{ Cheers }}

  • thecutoutworld

    Hey Road Bandit….
    Netshows likes this video and we invite you to come join us and have it featured on the Netshows Website(

    Peter and Chic
    Producers of Media Factory Show TV

  • psyberdude1

    NICE CAT!!!

  • KjujikMorderca

    you’re driving only around usa? hey maybe you’ll come to europe? it would be fun as well 😉

  • bassman44357

    schönes Video,
    ein wunderschöner Kanal, sehr interessant,,,
    herzlich Grüße aus Dortmund, bassman

  • hopeforamerika

    What a marvelous idea! I’m jealous, but I wish you all the best with your project!

  • Mike Cole

    Fabulous!!!! Enjoy… Mike & Pammie

  • prochy master

    Hey Randy, Many thanks for the friend Invite. Wow, you sure know how to live your dream and I wish you all the best in the Road Bandit project. So are you going to be cruising only around USA or other countries as well? Am sharing your video with my facebook friends and will Tweet about it as well. Love and God bless. 

  • Susanna129

    This is a very interesting Life Project!!

    Best wishes to you with your Documentary!!

  • James Mack


  • kholleran74

    Looks fun! Thanks for the friend request- I never would have found this- I’ll try to get friends to subscribe- the cinematography/music, (and your kitty cat)- very cool!!!

  • Dennis Orr

    well hey there Bandit, (Randy)’s it going??Man I tell ya what , this lil roadtrip and life on the highway sounds like a it will and is one amazing adventure fer sure! What you are doing is an inspiration to to all.. You have and are making your dream come true. It tis a big leap to hit the road and have at it..Well Dude if yer ever down my way in the deep South in South Carolina..well i’m in the mnt’s lol.. justa seeds spit from clemson , and 8.2 miles from exit 11 I OFF I-85 .DROP IN

  • NJGardengirl1961

    Good luck, Randy. When you’re in New Joisey stop by and I’ll feed you!
    Sharon 😀

  • Firsteteve Lastnorris



    amazing, and your cat is beautiful

  • markashleyfilms

    Awwww! The Bird? is soooo cute! She has a fan already. All the best with the Road Bandit Project, matey. I’ll certainly be tuning in to watch.

  • TheLionSM

    IT´S COOL !!

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