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Mike Gonzalez April 10, 2013 21

**If you have any problems with me asking for funds, message me. Allow yourself to hear me out. I am not trying to form a pity party to help me out with gathering funds for a camera. This video is just for the people who enjoy watching my videos and would like more of them. While I am studying Chemical Engineering at Purdue I find it very hard to make money let alone make videos. If you have a negative comment then leave it to yourself or message me what it is. I’m looking to raise some money for a new camera that will help me to make videos easier and faster. All of the funds received from this campaign will go toward the cost of that; anything over the total goal will go towards a newer, faster editing system and a website where I can do a better job of connecting with my fans. None of these funds will go directly into my pocket. Here is the link to see the campaign and donate: Here is a link to my current website: Here is my Twitter And here is my Facebook:
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Crowd Funding on Indiegogo for TYZU Wonder Jungle Episode 2 Short Animated Film Crowdfunding Project

Know more about our crowdfunding campaign: This is an advertising clip for Crowd Funding on Indiegogo for TYZU Wonder Jungle Episode 2 Short Animated Film Crowdfunding Campaign. Today, we are publishing their first crowdfunding campaign to raise funds on Indiegogo ( ), for our second cartoon short film. TYZU Wonder Jungle: Episode 2 is a touching story about a naughty little raccoon who becomes a good boy, when his mom is hurt by some very bad hunters. In order to save his mom’s life, this young raccoon boy must take on a huge venture and struggle through some fearsome fights! He must climb over 99 mountains, swim across 99 rivers and fight 99 monsters, so he can find a magical herb from the crest of a holy glacier far far away. His sole hope is to cure his mom’s wound and save her life, but he must hurry since the clock of fate is ticking… This campaign is set up as Fixed Funding, all contributions will be returned to our funders if we do not meet our first goal. We will provide many interesting perks or rewards for this campaign’s backers, including signed collectables, Cartoon USB Flash Drive, Cartoon T-shirt, Cartoon Plash Toy, Customized Cartoon Characters and Roles for backers, Product Placement Advertisement and Co-Producers Titles in Credits, etc. Please take a look at: Please support us and tell your friends! Many thanks!
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  • wonderful0818

    Can’t wait for your new videos

  • KailTirasleen


  • Kaitlin Nicole

    Ben you never fail to bring a smile to my face(: #WeShouldStillCuddle Yeah i just used a hashtag on YouTube.. Dont care(:

  • b4804514

    Ben – what about more air band – you are the best with that venue so bring it on you funny talented dude

  • themouth8693

    Great! Glad you got ur goal! but i agree with catorilana…more shirtless videos!

  • Sean30000123

    Why are you so perfect?

  • sumdumfoo

    Ben, if there are people who have a problem with you asking for money for a new camera so you can make better videos, I think they are either not actually your fans, or have a poor grasp of how the world works (or maybe both).
    Congratulations on surpassing your $3000 goal in less than a week’s time. I think that more than validates your decision.

  • wph1138

    yeah true but id still pay to see it. i think it would make him famous

  • pamibeau

    Joking aside, I think there is a way you can “show your bod” without making it.. you know… How about an actual bodybuilder posing video. Like Donna Summer used to say, if you got it, flaunt it… but keep it decent!!! lol!! 😉

  • ep hines


  • nbkcq28

    He can’t do that. He wants to make more videos. If he did a sex tape, he would have enough money to retire. If he retired, we’d never see him again. I love watching his tapes and would rather see many more. Oh…..he could do a sex tape and give it away…..okay…nevermind….lol.

  • pamibeau

    That Taylor Swift segment was fun.. was the cameraman showing in the mirror on purpose though? Congrats on your first campaign, best of luck with the continuance. Un beau bonjour de Montréal §:c)

  • wph1138

    do a sex tape!!!! ( with your room mate)!!

  • wisewitch1

    Love these videos…

  • Molly G

    hahahha i love your videos! i can’t wait to see more <3

  • Strylover

    Just a suggestion, but maybe you could do these requests within some entertaining videos……It might help make your case,…. sorta of like a mini “funds drive”.

    (Your “I Like It That Way” video is my favorite to date”)

  • catorilana

    YES!! Be shirtless more!! Lol

  • TheUncutAngel


  • Corinne Skalicky

    Taylor swift is soooo sexy. So is that nerd. <3 good work, Jamin. Cya soon!

  • rer478

    Please do more video’s where you do not have a shirt on.I really like it when you don’t have a shirt on.You have one sexy body.

  • salpert95

    Haha, you took my advice! and still I am one of the first few to comment again 😛

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