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Mike Gonzalez March 7, 2013 5

Support 2 Tatted Every Week We Are Going To Give Away A Free Tattoo We are aiming to build a social tattoo website! Sounds weird, fun but most of all awesome isn’t it! Body art has emerged to be quite an interesting form of self expression and a symbol of not rebel but independent living lifestyle. Saluting the spirit of that same liberty and uniqueness we want to build a social website where everyone with ink and tattoo artists can join in and create a space for patrons of body art. Body art is neither a byproduct of the 20th century so called deviant culture nor a rebellious against authorities, it has been around for centuries especially among the tribal population where having a tattoo is not just prevalent but a sought after. So we decided to bring the revivalists of ink art together and do something extraordinary for those who dare or have dared to be different and unique! Know us, support us and get inked. It’s simple and may result in another ink-tricate pattern on your skin! If you think tattoos are way cooler than any other kind of self expression and artistic indulgence then you got to be part of our project. The obvious question to follow is ‘what’s in it for me?’ well a chance to get a new tattoo and more importantly help build a platform where all kinds of ink lovers can meet up and help create some more awesomeness. How can you help us? Simply by pledging that you would support self-expression and a need

Like what you see? Help fund Tainted Fate at: Website: If just watching a video of the game is not enough for you, here’s a playable Pre-Alpha\Tech Demo: What you see here is a fly-through of everything that was done in the game so far. Credits for the exquisite background music go to Rob Fenn, also known as Fractures. Credits for everything else go to me, Mladen Bošnjak, creator of the game. contact us at Video without the narration: Cheers!
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  • Sega1544

    Svaka cast 🙂
    U kom softveru radis?

  • TheDirectorMat

    ak nebuš radio tutorijale od 10 min i sakriješ jebeno neke lude tajne ili easter eggove, moglo bi bit jebeno…al kaj god bilo sam da znaš da i ja spremam neki ludi OldSchool survivel tipa SilentHill tak da Sretno na projektu

  • Skinkemann

    This does look & sound very cool! Great work so far!

  • Mladen Bošnjak


  • Mladen Bošnjak

    Thanks a lot!

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