Halo Helljumper Crowd Funding Pitch

Mike Gonzalez February 11, 2013 24

Help us by donating! www.indiegogo.com Like us on Facebook! www.facebook.com We are in pre-production right now for a pilot film to a Halo web-series. Something as broad as Halo is definitely not cheap and I’ve already invested a boat load of money to get the production going. The purpose of this video is to help us raise more money and awareness for the upcoming production via crowd funding platforms such as IndieGoGo and Kickstarter. There will be an updated pitch video in two weeks when the UNSC Marine armor is received.

Weavir’s Indiegogo crowd funding campaign is happening now! Check it out, and donate to the campaign at: goo.gl What is Weavir? Weavir is a unique web-based platform that connects users through the discovery of music blogged content, concerts, and musical similarities. What is crowd funding and why? Crowd funding is a way to raise money for a company by recruiting large amounts of people to contribute small amounts of money through the internet. Weavir is launching through a crowd funding campaign in order to build an online community of people who will help create the platform through creative engagement and feedback. Produced, Scripted, and Co-directed by: Sam Schoonover Filmed, Edited, and Co-directed by: Jerad Cullen (www.jeradcullenfilms.com)
Video Rating: 5 / 5

  • zillathekid1

    This is EPIC!!!

  • Steven Zissimos

    The movie looks alright but you gotta improve the animation.

  • SonicBoom538

    what channel will this be on?

  • Matt Stern

    One of the tags are Ps3 WHAT IS THIS!!!!

  • SwitchIsTheMan

    I know most of it is done, but I’ll help for future episodes, I mean yea some free T-shirts, exclusive things, not all people can have access too would be cool. Either way though, I love Halo, and I will contribute when I figure out the best way how to, know doubt. Keep my posted and I will do all I can to help! Also, I do many forms of art myself, in case you need anyone for Music production or Editing let me know. Thanks

  • ihatenjoi

    I’m a musician skilled in composition, recording, and (obviously) playing. I’ve got 4 years of experience in marching, jazz and concert band-if you need any music, anything from classical to really heavy metal type stuff-I can compose instrumental tracks. (I’d really love to produce music or this).

  • SuperFastHD

    No worries, it’ll be available through this channel on YouTube!

  • Lazyswinepig

    This a TV series right? if it is can it please be on regular channels cause i dont have cable or anything and i want to see every episode of it thank you for taking the time to make such an awesome project!

  • Panjaquomi

    Loving the Unforgotten music in the background.

  • user616678

    If you want or need a military adviser I have 11 years in the Army, 3 combat tours and countless hours of training. I can advise on small unit tactics, individual movement techniques and close quarters battle. I offer these services free of charge.

  • theredvsbluefan

    Helljumper vs Operation Chastity gogogo

  • MrOreo123

    The teaser trailer for Halo:Faith was made for $850, not the whole film.

  • slothofthenight

    I’m 1 piece away from winning $50,000 in monopoly, if I win (sincerly doubt I will) $10,000, or whatever is going to you guys.

  • SuperFastHD

    Thanks man, but at the moment, the fundraising campaign is over, but will probably do one for the second episode.

  • ChrizManiac

    Lol Halo:Faith was finished with a $850 budget… So I’m expecting your film to be better with the $20,000 budget! Good luck dude!!!

  • Eshayzbra96

    I’am currently in a film class, i wish i could help but it would be impossible due to me living in Australia, and i have problems with Pay Pal at the moment.

  • TFanPage101

    I can try and help advertise your show, Halo Helljumper, I don’t have anything to donate currently


    If your still hoping to raise funding, I’ve got a blog that gets a good amount of viewers, I can advertise your series as well as this video with it. Message me and let me know cause I don’t have any money for funding but I want to help

  • azzimai

    I’m so excited about the Halo: Helljumper. ODST!

  • TheKids330

    that is my friends cousin

  • TehLilAzn47

    This movie is going to look badass. I think if you pull this off, The other Halo movie that was going to be directed by Peter Jackson might get encouraged to start producing that one too.

  • UniqueM16

    Hi dude,
    What type of camera are you using? Whats the price for one of these ?


  • Mazda6B6

    Have you considered getting the rights to use the sound effects that bungie produced? The authentic sounds of the weaponry would be really good. Do you have any links to other videos that your crew has produced? maybe on Vimeo.com That’s where a lot of videographers post.

  • yardlink254

    Is This Platform Also available For Reggae Music?

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