IndieGoGo: Dads Reaction

Mike Gonzalez April 1, 2013 22

Thanks everyone for helping making this video possible and completing the campaign. Project: Songs used in this video can be found here, For people that don’t know what this video is about, I made a project for my dad to get him a couch, you can read all about it in the project link above.

  • Joshrouss

    oo mr.mans name is tyler

  • DoctorReflux


  • TheGapsterPool

    Fucking awesome.

  • yoneda123

    My respect for his fans increased…

  • CheeseBoyz

    So he’s the originator of the Sass.

  • Tommy7116

    Power of the internet. :3

  • the9bananaman

    this is better than watching extreme makeover home edition.

  • laz0r4321

    so haepy

  • ReconArthur

    you live like a man…. like a mr man !

  • Ciaphas Cain

    7:05 “This is the best thing in the world!” Dog in the background: “AAAWWWWW YEAAAAH”

  • foist101

    I kri

  • Hammerman24

    I have the same fake fireplace. You’re pretty awesome, Spike.

  • pawsly


  • Adamantian9

    only spike n barley can make obnocsious music sound good :D

  • PanzerfaustMonk

    you’re a good person, by the way

  • PanzerfaustMonk

    Consider my heart warmed

  • Red McCloud


  • Michael Bonhard

    P.S yo beautiful man 😀

  • Michael Bonhard

    Spike…you are a really awesome dude. i almost went into lil o’l tears of happy juice when i saw this meester man 😀 i wish i could have donated but i’m kind of low on money. but you are a saint spike. MEEEEEEESSSTERRRR MAAAAAN <3

  • NachtWolfES

    D’awww…  such a sweet video.

  • MrGravitational

    It just proves people have hearts, You give to others sooner or later others will give back


    At like 5:00 his dog did like a slow-motion moonwalk.

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