WYRMWOOD – An Australian Zombie Film (Out 2013)

Mike Gonzalez February 8, 2013 21

HELP US MAKE THIS FILM! visit – INDIEGOGO page www.indiegogo.com AND grab a ‘Wyrmwood Pack’ LIKE our facebook page: www.facebook.com And help us slaughter more ZOMBIES!!! This is a ‘teaser scene’ from WYRMWOOD – An independant Aussie Zombie Film currently in Production (readying for a 2013 release). Mad Max meets Dawn of the Dead in this retina-blistering, post-apocalyptic, action/horror feature! YOU can also follow us on Twitter!! www.twitter.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  • Numbnutts420

    This looks soooo fucking awesome

  • pattlock

    even if they don’t make it the trailer itself is a good short film.

  • brunzkachel88

    fucking nice work 😉 you are in my ABO list now

  • Vedkonner

    I hope its still in progress and you wont stop.

  • TheGamer32743

    This is gonna be my favorite zombie movie!!! 😀

  • wyrmwoodmovie


  • wyrmwoodmovie

    cheers Rod!

  • wyrmwoodmovie

    strewth! That was a bloody ripper comment, mate! Good onya!

  • wyrmwoodmovie

    done and done.

  • wyrmwoodmovie

    no, but they do come out of the ground .. why Is This Question All Capitalised?

  • wyrmwoodmovie

    cheers charles!

  • wyrmwoodmovie

    no. was that a rhetorical question?

  • wyrmwoodmovie


  • wyrmwoodmovie

    There’s a very good answer to that question Mr horsecock, – you willing to buy a ticket to find out?;)

  • sparkett32

    cant wait to see this film looks good.

  • MrDegan1981

    i have to say this in spanish: Hace tiempo que no veia una pelicula de zombies tan buena, excelente trabajo chicos, la espero con ansias gigantes

  • wheelmanstan

    great job, cool and more original idea than most, great camera angles, attention to detail like loading the shotgun etc. evil dead-esque,. has a good feel of atmosphere, great sound, guns look fantastic, but the shotgun blast is lacking for sure, that little scene could have been way more effective..best zombie “trailer” I’ve seen on here though

  • Wyatt Chandler

    that gas the the zombies give off is flammable and they are totaly using it to run there truck! soooo smart! XD

  • B Nolan

    Mad Max with zombies!

  • SoundThe2ndAlarm

    I will post this to my UC and Crohns Facebook group that has about 4,000 members. We will be able to help you get some money for your video!

  • Wow… What? I’m speechless. Nice work!

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