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Mike Gonzalez January 28, 2013 22

VERY IMPORTANT INDIE GOGO CAMPAIGN SUPPORTING THE DRILLS/DORJE UK/EUROPEAN TOUR 2013. plus new DRILLS previews 6,7 and 8. ‘NOT A GODDAMN THING’, ‘RUBBER ROOM’ & ‘I WANNA KILL YOU JUST A LITTLE’. go to to contribute/donate/participate and have a blast with 2 great bands.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • quz911

    how about playing Germany? 😉 Great sound!

  • Andrew B

    Milt: A sperm-filled reproductive gland of a male fish

  • SpinGoldmusic

    Phil, where can I buy your music???

  • MrFlickon

    can you guys please publish the list of venues and countries youre gaonna perform in the double d tour its really important cause i need to book a flight quickly cause its my dream to see both of you live (btw my birthday is in the 3 of december if you could sign my cd that would be amazing) its gonna be the best cd ive ever bought (alongside with the first two albums)

  • pixhodo

    F*** I want to see you in France !

  • Phil Lipe

    We are waiting you and The Drills here in Brazil!!!!!

  • 1111guitardude1111

    Fuck Christmas! I can not wait for this album! You rock Phil!!

  • Crazybenjiwoo

    much appriciated my man, have a kick ass day

  • philx1111

    free of charge. just make sure you fill in the “special request to seller” section
    with the details.

  • Crazybenjiwoo

    how phil, my birthdays in december, how much extra for a ” happy birthday ” messege… signed on the cd… box…thing in the style of phil x ?

  • wolfcomau

    We’d do the same with support!
    The Drills Down Under TOUR

  • aaron cooper

    i dont have a twitter account dont really want one either want one either lol keep it rockin man

  • aaron cooper

    if i gave money for you tour can i get the new drills c.d. when it comes out 😀

  • matsellah

    Japan, GODDAMIT! Gotta find a reason to come here.

  • TheMercful

    mu-mu-mu-mu-mu MA SHARONA

  • BlackLabelSlayer

    Hay phil i know how you can a shit ton of cash for your tour .. PHIL X ring tones .. If someone was to pay so much you could give the monster phil x hello and say there name and shit .. $20 bucks each all damn day !! Cant wait for the new album !! NEW DRILLS !!

  • deapwavelio


  • Damianwyl

    Hej mr.Phil! Please come to Poland! 🙂

  • giggs102

    Please release the record before the end of the world. HAHA 🙂

  • fiddlestick89

    It is a stripper pole lol, he did a video once giving a small tour of that studio, check out his twitter to find it

  • rockdfunk

    thought the dog barking was one of Dustin’s bleeps!

  • guitar27con

    is that a striper pole behind you?

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