New Survival Adventure Reality TV Show Indiegogo CrowdFunding Campaign

Mike Gonzalez March 3, 2013 2

New Survival Adventure Reality TV Show Indiegogo CrowdFunding Campaign

We need your help to facilitate the cost of legal fees, facilitators, travel, equipment and much more. This show is one of the most highly anticipated survival shows of 2013. We are starting out independent and until it gets picked up by a network we are on our own. We really need your help to get the ball rolling on this widely known project for survival reality television. Daniel W. Shrigley is known as America’s Survival Son for a reason the whole world lives him and wants him to get his show on location and filming. So please help by making a contribution to alleviate that costs enough that we can deliver the best show of 2013. Here’s an update video on our campaign and a walk through of all the Perks you can purchase! We’re reaching our half way mark for our fundraising campaign with 49 days left. We’ve reached a little more than quarter of what we’ve asked for on our IndieGoGo page. This stupendous! Thank you all who shared our link, purchased a perk, and have been supporting us this whole time through. We really do appreciate your support, it’s an incredible thing. Music: Doesn’t make Sense By Chris Ho

  • TheArchersMusic

    For you conrad… yes. A thousand times yes.

  • Conrad Stel

    If I pay the 800 and have you do a house show… Can you just play out of my hands…except like…a four hour rendition? With like..a half hour reprise?

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