AWESOME Movie – 8/29 TEASER UPDATE! Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign – Feb 2013

Mike Gonzalez March 10, 2013 Comments Off on AWESOME Movie – 8/29 TEASER UPDATE! Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign – Feb 2013 Highly Sober Productions Crowdfunding Campaign for the feature film: AWESOME Movie. AWESOME Movie is a college comedy about a group of friends, and the events and adventures of their summer.
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Contagion Second Edition Indiegogo Pitch

Please help us MAKE IT HAPPEN at The finished Contagion Second Edition book will be a massive undertaking. I anticipate the book to be somewhere in the 400-600 page range when it is completed. System development, layout and proofreading for a tome of this size will be a time-consuming process. I will also need to compile art and generate new fiction to accompany the rules updates. In light of all of those things I have set a basic fundraising goal of 0 which will pay for the proofreading, typesetting and development time as well as getting some new art and covering the cost of a printed proof. But the 0 goal is only the beginning. I have a ton of additional ideas I’d like to see happen with Contagion Second Edition. To reflect this I am announcing some additional benchmark goals in the hopes that you can help me push the world of Contagion to new heights in 2013! Our goals are: 0 – Basic Goal: I will generate the Contagion Second Edition corebook with updated setting and system information. The book will be available in .pdf, softcover and hardcover black and white print editions. Helping us reach this goal will give you access to these new books as well as some of our classic Contagion products. All .pdfs and print products will be provided through DriveThruRPG. 00 – Tier 1 Advanced Goal: Rather than Black and White versions of Contagion Second Edition, all print copies will be in full color. 50 – Tier 2 Advanced Goal: in addition to the Contagion
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