Illest Vapes Creates First-Ever Smartest E-Cigarettes

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Illest Vapes Creates First-Ever Smartest E-Cigarettes

August 30, 2015— Everything today is connected to your mobile device, so why shouldn’t your vape be any different?

These days, many have opted for a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, the electronic cigarettes or vapes. However, nothing in the market yet has helped people keep an actual track of their usage and their progress as they quit nicotine and resort to vapes instead. And this is why Jonathan Beck and the rest of the founders of illest vapes have created the world’s smartest electronic cigarettes available, #smokebomb and torpedo. These two e-cigarettes make their debut on Indiegogo, where Beck’s team is seeking crowdfunding support on a flexible funding campaign to raise $20,000 from August 25 to September 30.

So far Beck and his team have not only completed prototypes, but also production-ready units. The app and e-commerce website are also already complete and fully functional. They need that the Indiegogo campaign can help push them to take the next step into full production.

illest vapes is the maker of the first-ever electronic cigarette connects to Bluetooth and has a companion mobile app. Beck discusses illest vapes’ features, “Our units are microprocessor-controlled with our patented electronics integrated with Bluetooth 4.0 technology which unlocks a host of features for users. This technology allows you to monitor how many puffs you take each day, how many cigarettes you would have smoked if you weren’t vaping, how much money you’re saving not smoking cigarettes, health benefits, and users can set plans to cut back on how much they smoke. Our graphs show you your smoking trends by day, week, month, or year so you can see how much progress you’re making.”

The companion app is available on Android and iOS, and allows users to keep track of their vape usage, the monetary savings they get compared to buying cigarettes, and the health benefits each use gives them. It provides a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly usage statistics to give users a clear idea on how much they use their vapes within a given timeframe. With the help of the app, users can also keep track of battery life, atomizer resistance, voltage, and wattage. Additionally, the app can also set the amount of vapor the vapes give off in each puff.

This state-of-the-art vape technology allows users to also set smoking targets and see if they stay within that goal or have exceeded it. They can also set their vape to lock them out when they reach their smoking limit, therefore enabling them to better stick within their planned smoking intake.

illest vapes comes in the larger #smokebomb and the slim torpedo. The #smokebomb carries a big punch with a single 18650 (2500mAh) battery, output voltage of 3V-5V, and a Kanger Genitank Mega with adjustable airflow. It has a 3W-15W output wattage, which they hope to upgrade to 30W with the help of the campaign. It retails at $89.99.

Meanwhile, Torpedo has a 900mAh battery, 3V-4.2V output voltage and output wattage of 5W-12.6W. It has a Kanger Genitank Mini with adjustable airflow and retails at $69.99.

Through the Indiegogo campaign, illest vapes will be giving out their #smokebomb and Torpedo vape units to campaign backers at exclusive early bird-discount prices. Backers can get their own Torpedo vapes at $45 each and #smokebomb at $60 each. Other perks include retail packages for sellers, and distributor packages for distributors in Canada, European Union, Mexico, and the United States. Other perks include illest vapes sticker merchandise and contributor credits.

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