GoodDog.Community Promotes Responsible Dog Ownership Through Indiegogo

Mike Gonzalez September 20, 2015 Comments Off on GoodDog.Community Promotes Responsible Dog Ownership Through Indiegogo
GoodDog.Community Promotes Responsible Dog Ownership Through Indiegogo

August 18, 2015— We all love our dogs, but no one likes the stink of dog poop…., much more the hassle and embarrassment of stepping on one. For Homer Kenny and the GoodDog.Community he founded, this dog dung dilemma has given dogs and dog owners a bad name—and they want to change all that.

GoodDog.Community has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $8,000, which will go towards developing and maintaining their North American GoodDog Neighborhood Registry through their website, as well as spread awareness about their #GiveDogsAGoodName campaign.

“We believe that spreading awareness about the harmful effects of leftover dog poop and creating a community of responsible dog owners is the first step to a cleaner and healthier world,” says Kenny. The Toronto based dog lover has created GoodDog.Community to promote an independent community of pet owners and lovers that want to actively change the reputation of dogs in their neighborhoods.

According to Kenny, not picking up dog poop has harmful consequences in society, in the environment, and to people. “Unfortunately, dog poop doesn’t safely decompose or wash away. In an urban environment, dog waste can cause harm long after, even though it looks like it’s gone.” Dog poop can host E.coli and other harmful bacteria and parasites such as tapeworms, which may attach to people’s shoes and go into their own homes and their belongings. These can also affect the dogs themselves, resulting to many diseases such as permanent and fatal organ damage.

Furthermore, dog waste is labeled as an environmental pollutant, and Kenny cites studies about dog poop being the top three water contaminant. Meanwhile, being polluting and stinky, dog poop causes stigma to dogs and dog owners, wherein communities may require their governments to lay down harsher dog ownership-related laws and punishments.

The GoodDog.Community website aims to serve as a registry so dog owners can be connected with other dog owners and they can all show solidarity for responsible pet ownership by registering their dogs in the website. In return, the registered dogs will have a GoodDog badge.

Through the Indiegogo campaign, he hopes that people will be more aware and take part in keeping neighborhoods fresh, healthy, and clean from dog poop. He adds, “We noticed that there has been so many novel campaigns like poop powered park lights, free Wi-Fi, and special deliveries. Although creative, they’re ultimately not effective in changing people’s views about maintaining the responsibilities that come with pet ownership. This is our way of acknowledging the problem and spreading a simple message to help fix it.”

With the backers’ support, GoodDog.Community will be able to cover various expenses such as creation and distribution of membership buttons, marketing, administrative costs, and website development fees. Backers will then receive different badges depending on their donation tier levels, which they can then give for their dogs to wear, as other badges to give to friends.

To find out more, visit GoodDog.Community.

We are an independent community of pet owners and lovers that are active in improving the reputation of dogs in our neighborhood. We Give Dogs a Good Name!

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