Gamentio Takes Social Playing Card Games to Another Level as it Debuts on Indiegogo

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Gamentio Takes Social Playing Card Games to Another Level as it Debuts on Indiegogo

November 1, 2015 — Logic Simplified reinvents social virtual card games as it launches Gamentio on Indiegogo in an effort to move the platform from Alpha onwards. Gamentio revolutionizes social casino card gaming as we know it because this time, players can express their emotions through their avatars, making it the most scintillating, emotion-packed and first online 3D card game yet.

Gamentio recently launched its Alpha, and also debuts on the Indiegogo campaign to raise $100,000 from 16th October, 2015 to 30th November, 2015. Gamentio has been in development for three years now, with a team of 20 gaming enthusiasts, designers, and developers from Dehradun, India dedicating their time and expertise to the projects. Through the campaign, they hope to accelerate the development of the platform primarily for Android devices and then for iOS. The funds will also help them develop more features, games, excitement, and more realistic players, movements, and expressions. On top of this, it will allow for more rigorous testing so that the end-product is a smooth, flawless, exciting, and memorable online gaming experience to players.

“We have designed around 20 Avatars and launched 3 3D Card Games – Poker, Rummy & Teen Patti (also known as Flush or Flash).
These are social card games you can play with your family. During the first year, we will do only these 3 card games, and going forward we plan to introduce more.” says Sumeet Arora, Founder of Logic Simplified Pvt. Ltd.

Currently, they employ around 15 gesture animations to allow player avatars in the games to express and convey movement to make the game more interactive and highly engaging for players. Apart from Poker, Rummy, and Flush (or Teen Patti), they are also working on developing other 3D card games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, and Casino Wars.

Yet unlike most online casino games, Gamentio is entirely on a whole other level. Arora adds, “Our game offers you the luxury of playing a game of cards with your friend who sits halfway across the world and you can still relish the fun & excitement of an enthralling card game, like you are playing on a table together! You can now express yourself in an online card game with a mere click. How about a victory dance through your avatar after beating a higher-ranking player, for example!”

Players can make their avatars imitate their actions. On the command of the players, avatars can wave “Hi” to other players, raise their hands in joy, punch the air in frustration, and even dance. All the avatars are in 3D as well, making them more realistic. These avatars are also highly customizable so players can let their imagination fly.

Players can join a 3D room or even create their own private rooms with friends. Furthermore, players can also send private messages, comments, and like favorite posts, as well as participate in real-time activity feeds.

Gamentio has no registration fees and payments for In-Game virtual chips is easy through mobile or SMS payment options. Players can also make in-game payments to unlock more features such as additional wardrobe for their avatars. It’s to be noted that Gamentio is not a gambling site and there is no real money wagering or staking involved in games.

Meanwhile, backers of the Indiegogo campaign will be able to get rewards that allow them to earn coins and become members of Gamentio. In addition, they will also receive perks including Gamentio merchandise such as fridge magnets, hooks, caps, mugs, playing cards, T-shirts, wristbands, poker table cover, and so many more.

To find out more, visit their Indiegogo campaign at or

About Gamentio

Gamentio is an attempt to transform the complete experience, how practice card games are played online. We want to bring the real world experience to online users.

The gaming platform is the proud dream and ambitious product of Logic Simplified, that is us. We are a team of 20 gaming enthusiasts, designers and developers from Dehradun, a beautiful tier-2 city of India. We have delivered over 10 games to clients from across the globe, and are now all set to enter the gaming world with our very own online gaming platform – Gamentio.


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