Comedy Short, The Big Chop, Embraces Natural Hair and Debuts on Indiegogo

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Comedy Short, The Big Chop, Embraces Natural Hair and Debuts on Indiegogo

Updated: 03/04/15

February 27, 2015— The Big Chop is a witty, subtle comedy short film about the ups and downs of natural hair.

The Big Chop is inspired by ‘big chop’ or BC, which is when a person cuts out the hair near the scalp to remove the hair dye, chemical perm, or relaxer from the hair.

Written by Alisha Cowan, The Big Chop debuts on Indiegogo to seek funding from the crowdfunding community. Cowan and her team launched the campaign to raise $13,500 from February 19 to March 21. The funds from the campaign will go towards equipment, production, and post production.

Cowan shares the plot for The Big Chop, “The Big Chop follows ten-year-old Kris on her natural hair journey of self-love and acceptance. Once a diehard lover of her big afro, weekly hints form her mom that her hair is not acceptable in its natural state and being teased on the playground drive Kris to get a perm. She continues to perm her hair until one day she’s had enough.”

“She stands in the mirror, looks at herself, and chops her permed hair off, leaving her with very little hair on her head. Minutes after, she has a breakdown and is not comfortable with her new teeny weeny hairstyle. She takes her boyfriend along with her on the ride to ‘fix’ her hair, but comes to the realization her hair is acceptable no matter what the world says,” adds Cowan.

The Big Chop aims to get the message out there about self-love and about women with natural hair to embrace their natural beauty.

The team behind the short film consist of Derek Dow (Director), who is an award-winning director and USC Master’s Program film graduate from the School of Cinematic Arts. His recent work, a web series titled Blackman Depressed, was listed on the BuzzFeed as ‘Top 10 Black Web Series You Have to Watch’. The short film will also be produced by Cayman Grant, Katrelle Kindred, Che Landon, and Charles Leisenring.

The Indiegogo campaign will specifically go to covering expenses for cast and crew fees, camera and lighting equipment, insurance, wardrobe, makeup and hairdressing, art department, locations, and post production.

In return for support, backers of the campaign will receive social media ‘Thank You’ credits, personalized photoshopped pictures in ‘Big Chop’ style, private link to view The Big Chop, photographed copies of the script, DVD copies, t-shirts, meal with the director and writer, as well as Producer Credits, to name a few.

To find out more, visit The Big Chop Indiegogo campaign.

About Alisha Cowan
Alisha was born on Chicago’s South Side, and then transplanted to California to fulfill her Hollywood dreams. Here, she landed a job in NBC Universal’s publicity department as a Coordinator. She also took Writer’s Extension courses at UCLA. Form here, Alisha also was accepted into NBC’s 2014/2015 class of Writers on the Verge as one of eight writers which was narrowed down from approximately 1900 submissions.

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