Beyond Fit on Indiegogo Optimizes Training and Workout for Athletes

Ayudos Press November 15, 2016 Comments Off on Beyond Fit on Indiegogo Optimizes Training and Workout for Athletes
Beyond Fit on Indiegogo Optimizes Training and Workout for Athletes

100% Vegan Pre-Workout Supplement Changes the Workout Game as it Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

(UPDATED: 11/15/16)—August 12, 2016— Everyone wants to get the most out of the time and effort spent working out. This is especially true for athletes and fitness buffs who dedicate specific amounts of time into their busy weeks to be in the best shape possible. This is why pre-workout supplements have become a game-changing hit. These supplements are meant to increase energy levels, endurance, and muscle power in time for the gym or competition.

Internationally renowned judo athlete, Rafael Cintron, has created Beyond Fit, a vegan pre-workout supplement that helps boost focus, provide lasting energy, stress and anxiety relief, and smooth recovery. Cintron has taken his creation to Indiegogo to ask backing from the crowdfunding community and take his product to market.

“We are changing sports and fitness for good,” says the San Juan, Puerto Rico-based athlete who has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $10,000. This amount will go to the production and distribution of Beyond Fit. As an international judo athlete, Cintron knows first-hand the importance of getting the right pre-workout supplement to optimize performance. However, many pre-workout supplements these days don’t even work and only give users nausea and jitters.

“Beyond Fit was born out of a passion for sports and fitness, and a dedication to helping other athletes achieve more without wasting money or risking their health,” says Cintron. Developed with the latest scientific research on athletic performance, Beyond Fit is 100% vegan and has no side effects. It is also approved by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which is an international body that promotes and monitors athletes to fight all forms of doping in sports.

Beyond Fit comes in a flavorful chewable candy-like tablet that contains the best ingredients in the market for boosting performance in time for any workout, training, match or game. As a chewable, this means that users don’t have to worry about mixing powders or having the supplement make a mess in the gym bag. Users can carry it along throughout the full workout and don’t have to worry about messes when finishing up.

All natural and 100% vegan, Beyond Fit is developed with fully natural and high-quality plant-based ingredients, without any harmful chemicals or allergens that may interfere with work out and body functions. Because of this, it also has no side effects, unlike other pre-workout supplements available in the market today. Furthermore, everything that goes into Beyond Fit is researched-backed and proved effective by scientific and peer-reviewed studies. It contains the following:

N-acetyl L-tyrosine (500mg) – for focus, powerful anxiety relief, and muscle recovery
L-theanine (100mg) – for concentration and decreased fatigue, while preventing jitters from caffeine
Caffeine (150g) – for a burst of energy, increased focus, and increased muscle reaction time
N-acetyl L-carnitine (500g) – for improved memory, increased blood flow to the brain, and decreased fatigue
Vitamin B6 (0.65 mcg) – decreases mental fatigue, prevents mental deterioration, and increases focus
Vitamin B12 (2 mcg) – for preventing brain fog and protecting the nervous system, making it ideal for supplementing vegan diet.

The result is a product that is truly effective so athletes and fitness enthusiasts can push harder and last longer in every session day after day.

For backers interested in getting Beyond Fit, we offer early discounts and other perks when they support the campaign on Indiegogo. The featured offer includes a discounted 1-month supply of Beyond Fit for just $20, which includes shipping and handling. Other offers are copies of the 101 Fitness Tips E-booklet, 3 months to a years’ worth of supply of Beyond Fit, and membership into the Beyond Fit Founders Club.

To find out more, visit their official website at or visit our pre-launch campaign at

About Beyond Fit
Beyond Fit is a truly effective pre-workout supplement mix developed specifically for athletes like you to push harder, go faster, and last longer during training sessions and competition. Beyond Fit also helps you recover smoothly and sleep properly so you have the energy you need the next day! No doping ingredients, 100% natural. Made by athletes, for athletes.

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