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Mike Gonzalez March 9, 2013 13 (Intro)- Welcome to the world of Road Bandit. He’s on the road day and night hitting up different spots in the US Road Bandit has been a long time coming, and ladies and gentlemen. It’s here. Get ready to be Educated, Entertained, Interacted with and Inspired like no web series has before. Hold on tight, it’s gonna be a crazy first season. What is RB- Road Bandit is an interactive RV travel web series that features unique people and places around the country. He’s a simple man with a simple plan, live life and love life. And he wants to take you along for the ride. http Nelson Ghost Mines- Just south of Boulder City, going east as you leave Las Vegas you will find the hauntings of the Nelson Ghost Mines. Nelson, back in 1775, wasn’t Nelson at all. It was called Eldorado by the Spaniards who originally discovered gold in the area that is now known as Eldorado Canyon. Disagreements over ownership, management and labor disputes led to some sticky situations that resulted in wanton killings so frequent…they were down right ordinary, and just part of the daily routine. Mail Time- This week’s letter is from Dave in Seattle, WA. Dave wants to know how the heck a big dude like Randy Primm lives in a class C RV and doesn’t suffer from daily concussions… Express Lane- Move trick, get out the way! Road Bandit is in the Express Lane…this week’s gnarly feature: Best Picture Academy Award Nominee, 127 hours. Yeah, so they lost…here’s why Road Bandit thinks
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  • Gpa Bruce

    You missed a great opportunitity at Nelson. That is a very interesting place. A very interesting area when you know where to look. You have a lot to learn.

  • rottweiler12345

    lived in a rv for 10 years now i love living in mine

  • buffilms

    so if you had to raise a kid u would choose death?ha

  • AndreJansenSr

    O, GREAT what you are doing, I loved to travel the US, I subscribed !

  • jakeisfantastic

    I so want an RV! Also, usually when there is an RV in front of my house, it’s the feds.

  • Cal Jennings

    The cat looks like the stray cat that’s living on my front deck. Am I harboring a runaway gambler? haha

  • 1poptart36

    love the cat skit there sooo kewt and full of win very funny

  • mebesig

    Loved it– a younger cooler verssion of Huell Howser! Keep it up Road Bandit-educate me and entertain me!

  • Simon Higgins

    Is the rest of the World on your list…?

  • davidsquall351

    The Ghost Mines look neat, I will check it out if I am ever near Nelson.
    I would rather lose my arm than die in that canyon. I do not know if could do it though.

  • troy5690

    Good first episode.

    I doubt anyone could answer honestly what they would do to survive until it is upon them. People that may think they don’t have it in them to survive, just might surprise themselves, and the reverse would also be true.

  • RoadBanditUSA

    We will be covering as many places as we can. Indianapolis is definitely a possibility 🙂

  • rebelrecycler

    will you guys be coming to indianapolis??

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