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Mike Gonzalez March 15, 2013 5

www.indiegogo.com/headcasesound www.headcasesound.com HeadCase Sound 2012 | IndieGogo Campaign Details Since October ’11, HeadCase Sound and the rad team of young, fearlessly ambitious developers and designers have worked together to engineer the perfect sound. Along the way, we realized that we had a social obligation not only as a company, but as individuals to make an impact that would effect tens of thousands of people spanning the entire globe. That is where you come in! HeadCase Sound has engineered a social enterprise designed specifically to allow you to choose you own “Sound” simply by deciding upon a color. We allow you to choose where your money goes. It’s time to speak up and let your voice be heard! So, What Is YOUR color? ——————————————————————————————— At HeadCase Sound we truly believe that we are filling a HUGE gap in the headphone business. Our headphones are: -Comfortable -Durable (Put them in the travel case and throw it against the wall… they will NOT break) -Lightweight -Deep Sound Quality (50 mm speaker drivers) -Stylish (look at those 5 sexy matte colors) -Donate ten transparent dollars per headphone sold to 5 of the most socially active charities in the world And some how we are still managing to keep it affordable. We need to pre-sell 1000 units. The first 100 are being sold for only (final retail is more than .99). Get there quick. We need EVERYBODY’s help to get started

  • Parker Tees

    Well done

  • Raul Robaina

    Looks like you have an inspiring product/brand

  • 24HourDesignShop

    Awesome Video, great campaign

  • PoutineSnob

    Becky Straw is so hot! Great looking headphones and video!

  • DemocracyGroup

    Great video!

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