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Mike Gonzalez March 10, 2013 12

Here is the link of our campaign : The journey begins just here and with you Hi all, this is our first try on the crowd funding platforms and it’s absolutely exciting. To be very clear, we are today on Indiegogo because we think that big things cannot happen without a big community. And with your support we are going to make DefenDoor a big thing. We already made a huge amount of work on the game and we still need time. And as you know, time is money. We want you to be part of the success of our incredible journey. About the team: We are a team of video game lovers and players. DigitalMania, our HQ is based in Tunisia and it was for us a big challenge to start our company (The first one of this kind in the region). We started learning how to do video games, self teaching, in 2010 and today DefenDoor is our biggest production. After some work on serious games, advergames and mobile games, we planned to do a massive social game on Facebook: This game is DefenDoor. This is very challenging and we are very excited. The idea of Defendoor We just wanted a game where every kind of gamer: pro and casual can meet, in a unique game experience : – Funny gameplay, where skilled players can show their talent (easy to play, hard to master) – Cute characters and environments – As a Free to play game we wanted to respect our community, that’s why we decided that the payers will not have a competitive advantage, they will just look better, more fancy and
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • Alliwe2

    Wondeful Guys!! Big up! 😀

  • Dhiaov

    maybe can i be a part on ur next project maybe ? check my channel maybe u will like me 😀

  • wasby69

    amazing team !! gg

  • BTebii

    go go go go go good work

  • juliustichelaar

    Great game, good luck!!

  • juliustichelaar

    Great game with lots of potential - good luck!!

  • mondher khaled


  • Hédi Ghedamsi

    glll jmouuuuuuuuuuuuuu3

  • Free2012Style

    GG !!

  • Gharbi Ayoub

    Good joob 🙂

  • TheBlackbirdii

    c va pas fi m5a5koum t7ibou 3al $100,000 pour un concept comme ca !!! bonne chance en tt cas

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